Cross Browser and Mobile Browser Testing

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Cross browser testing is always a bit of a challenge for test teams that are trying to keep up with the ever increasing combinations of browsers, platforms and operating systems. Add mobile browsers into the mix and you may as well forget traditional approaches testing. Testing manually just isn’t going to cut it. One approach… Read more »

NameMapping – Conditional Mode

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We’ve mentioned in previous posts about Name Mapping in our software test automation tool TestComplete. Whilst creating a Mapped name for an object we select a few properties which we use to identify that object. This is the ‘Basic Mode’ of Name Mapping. In some cases though, the value of the selected property may differ…. Read more »

TestComplete Project Test Items

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In Testcomplete the Test Items page within your project is used to organize, manage & execute the test cases that you’ve automated. For example we might have developed test automation scripts for thousands of test cases. However, each time we want to create a software test automation run we may want to execute only a… Read more »

How to Create Data-Driven Tests with DB Table Project Variables

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Let us consider a recorded test automation script for a scenario in an application. In that script, we have the test data which we entered into our application while recording the test. If you execute the script, it will use exactly the same test data. However, this approach isn’t scalable and forces you to use… Read more »

How to Use NameMapping & Aliases for effective scripting

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The Full Name of an object, which is defined by TestComplete, can be difficult to work with. For example if you have a long object name with special characters, typing and reading it can be time consuming and prone to typing mistakes. Let us say a textbox in a web page has the following name…. Read more »

Why We Have Name Mapping in TestComplete

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TestComplete has many features to simplify test automation script development work. One of them is Name Mapping. Using this feature we can create a Mapped name using the properties of the object in our application. We can then use this name to refer to that object in our scripts. But why should I create a… Read more »

Automating Black Box testing using Find Image feature

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Sometimes we’ll find that our application won’t be open to TestComplete. So the application doesn’t expose any details about the it’s objects and methods, or Testcomplete may not have in-built support for the controls or windows in the application. For example we may have a browser type that is not supported by TestComplete. Equally we… Read more »

Text Recognition for Test Automation

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Sometimes with test automation tools it’s difficult not to jump to the conclusion that they aren’t suitable for the job you want them to do. Usually this because of the steep learning curve and the difficulties associated with working out how best to approach the problem you are trying to resolve. One of the most… Read more »

Using Test Automation Tools to Test Different Browsers

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For the purpose of this article on test automation tools we are going to focus on Test Complete and creating a script to cover multiple different browser types with multiple windows. Now on the surface this can look very complicated. With Test Complete though we can use parametrization in name mapping to simplify this. What… Read more »