Live Online TestComplete Training

Interactive and Engaging
Online Training for users of TestComplete

On the 16th March we start our next TestComplete MasterClass…

“I will show you how to implement scalable and easy to maintain test automation solutions with TestComplete. Test automation systems that allow you to scale with ease and demand less than 60 minutes of effort a day to maintain…..even if you’ve never worked with automation solutions before."

Bill Echlin: Test Automation Specialist and TestComplete trainer

Our Advanced Training Format

3 Phases of Training designed to build the foundation, teach with real life examples and then challenge you to create your own.

Intro and Foundation
  • Setup
  • Preparation
  • Architecture
  • Core concepts
  • Tool set
  • Building blocks
Live Training Sessions
  • 3 x live online sessions
  • 12 key topics covered
  • 12 practical exercises
  • Cheetsheets
  • Learning Framework
The Challenge
  • 5 day challenge
  • Full instructions
  • Fully supported
  • Get everything running
    on auto pilot

Three training phases making up a a carefully designed and constructed online training package that teaches you everything you need to know to become a successful test automation engineer with TestComplete. Everything designed to lead you towards completing a challenge that will leave you with an automation system designed and built to deliver results with TestComplete.

Building Test Automation Frameworks with TestComplete. Training and Mentoring to set you on the right path to automation success.

What you’ll learn


  • About the Test Log
  • Viewing and Exporting
  • Posting to the Log


  • Using the debuggers
  • Evaluating Expressions
  • Changing Variables


  • Default Object Naming
  • Test Recording
  • Managing Mapped Objects
  • Name Mapping Templates
  • Name Mapping Configurations


  • Setting Parameters
  • Handling Events
  • Using Variables
  • User Forms
  • OCR


  • Implementing Checkpoints
  • Types of Checkpoint


  • Collaboration
  • Source Code Control
  • Issue Tracking Systems


  • Regions
  • Files
  • Objects
  • DBTables
  • XML
  • Web Testing


  • User Interface
  • Projects and Suites
  • Options and Settings


  • Timeouts
  • Scheduling
  • Creating Batch Runs
  • Tips and Tricks


  • Overview
  • Recording
  • Running
  • Converting to Scripts
  • Variables


  • Searching for Errors
  • Unexpected Windows
  • Object Not Found Errors
  • Stop on Error
  • Incomplete Keyboard Input


  • Visualizer Frame
  • Comparing Images
  • Working with Frames
  • Creating Checkpoints


  • View internals
  • Exploring Interfaces
  • Storing Object Properties

About Your Trainer

Bill Echlin helps businesses build test automation solutions that work. Aware that a large proportion of test automation initiatives fail (even today!) Bill is focused on the implementation of systems and processes that turn test automation into a habit. Only once you start to make test automation a way of life in your projects will you succeed. With this in mind Bill will take you through, not just how to use TestComplete, but show you the systems and processes he puts in place that help ensure automation projects with TestComplete succeed.

Over the last five years, Bill has:

  • Rolled out a TestComplete automation solution for a global commodities trading company where automation is now embedded in 22 applications and projects
  • Developed the G.R.I.S.T. implementation methodology which helps companies focus on the organisational challenges that need to be overcome in order to succeed with automation
  • Delivered numerous webinars for SmartBear on test management and test automation for SmartBear.
  • Travelled to South Korea, Canada and Europe to deliver training courses based on several decades worth of experience in test automation.
  • Worked with Global trading companies, FTSE 100 insurance companies and FinTech companies to implement front end and API based test automation solutions based around the SmartBear tool stack.