Integrating TestComplete with Azure DevOps – The Preparation Steps

January 18, 2023

In the first part to this three part series we looked at what an Integrated TestComplete Azure DevOps setup  looked like. We set the context in that blog post so that we're ready to look what we need to configure and prepare to get this integration working.

We take you through the following 4 preparation steps:

  1. Creating your ADO Git Repository
  2.  Binding TestComplete to ADO
  3.  Linking your tests between TestComplete and ADO
  4.  Setting up your agent machine

So this first step walks you through setting up a Git repository in your Azure DevOps project and show you how to commit your TestComplete project/code to this repository. We need our TestComplete code in our Azure Git repo as we'll build our pipeline around this repository.

The second step takes you through binding your TestComplete project to Azure DeveOps. This step is important as it then allows us to link our automated tests to our tests defined in the Azure DevOps test plan. A critical part of this setup is mapping our TestComplete steps to our Azure DevOps equivalent steps.

Once this is complete we'll complete the final preparation step. That step is setting up the Azure DevOps agent. The agent is the machine that we'll run our automated tests on. It's a machine that will usually run TestExecute (rather than TestComplete). We take you through the configuration of that agent and show you how to connect that agent to Azure DevOps so that it's ready for our automation runs.

In the next part of this Azure DevOps TestComplete integration series we'll take you through the process to build your first pipeline.