You've invested in Test Automation but are you seeing the return you expected?

Learn how to build automation frameworks with TestComplete.

Build scalable and maintainable test automation frameworks for YOUR applications.


TestComplete Framework Accelerator

testmanagement Let's be honest….you're under a lot of pressure. When your company invested in automated testing it made a big investment. A big financial investment. A big investment in terms of your time. The onus has been placed on you to deliver a return on that investment.

Your team want to see results. They want to see the automated tests you're writing find bugs. They want to see the effort you put in improve product quality. The responsibility is on you to work out how to apply automation and deliver those results.

Trouble is you don't have months to work this out. You don't have months to get a framework in place. You don't even have weeks to get those first few automated tests up, running and stable. You have a few days. People want to see results in days…not weeks or months.

Trouble is you're spending hours just trying to work out how TestComplete works. You've probably written your first batch of automated tests. And now the enormity of just how complex this can be is hitting you. It's not that TestComplete is anymore complicated than any other tool. It's just that applying automation to your application is more difficult than you thought it would be.

You've either realised that record and play back doesn't get you very far. Or you've realised that your code is turning into Spaghetti. Either way you're starting to feel overwhelmed. You're thinking it ought to be easier than this!

Getting started with the basics is easy, but the basics lull you into a false sense of security. You get that initial bit of momentum going. Then, the number of tests grow, your application changes, test environments change, etc etc. Then you start thinking there has to be a better way to do this.

You start thinking about building a framework. That must be the answer. You've never built a framework in your life but you figure you need one. Everyone seems to talk about frameworks. That must be the solution. That's the silver bullet!

It's just that you've no idea where to start.

So why not sit down with us and we'll walk you through building frameworks in TestComplete?

We'll show you how to build stability in to your tests. We'll show you what framework to use. We'll even provide all the code. Proven code that will resolve the problems you've run into.

Not only can we show you how best to build a framework. We can also show you how to apply it to the application you need to test!

We'll train you. We'll mentor you one-to-one. We'll set everything up. We'll get you going in the right direction…. and fast.

Let us show you what's important in setting up TestComplete for your applications. Let us lead you away from the dead-ends. Take you down the right path. Get everything up and running for you. NOT in months. NOT in weeks. We'll do it in DAYS!

Build Reliable and Scalable Tests


Run test in parallel

See how Jenkins and Git/SVN improves team work


Build an end-to-end framework for test execution and reporting


Implement automation solutions designed for Agile projects


Create a continuous testing pipeline as part of the CI/CD process

Your Next Step?

Join a 30 minute call for some free advice.

This is a one-to-one 30 minutes session where we'll ask you what you want to achieve with automation. In these 30 minutes we'll give you a few pointers and answer any questions you might have about implementing TestComplete.

Call 0208 144 4211

This is for you IF…

  • You're spending far too much time on test maintenance
  • You've written tests that are unstable, unreliable and never run properly
  • You're bewildered with the plethora of features in TestComplete
  • You want to plug TestComplete into a CI/CD tool like Jenkins or TeamCity
  • You're struggling to get TestComplete to identify objects in your application reliably

In short you know you need a framework but you've no idea where to start.

Building Test Automation Frameworks with TestComplete. Training and Mentoring to set you on the right path to automation success.


TestComplete Framework Accelerator Outline

The Accelerator Program is an on-site consulting and training engagement designed for test teams who already have a well defined test process and who want to take the next step with automation. The goal to deploy TestComplete and get you productive as quickly as possible. This engagement is carried out at your place of work with your applications.

You will come away from this program with a live TestComplete automation framework, a solid understanding of automation concepts, hands-on experience of using TestComplete with your applications and a successfully launched automation process.


A two-day TestComplete framework course. Held on-site with your test team, we’ll take you through the basic and advanced features of TestComplete, covering everything from creating keyword tests to deploying tests with the run time TestExecute module. We’ll make sure that you’re in the best position to run with your implementation of TestComplete.


Success with automation isn’t about trying to automate everything. It’s about being smart with the test cases you choose to automate. We’ll work through and review your existing tests to help you identify test cases that are ideal candidates for automation. The success of this stage will maximise your return on investment and ensure you can demonstrate quick wins. Quick wins that will help you promote the success of your automation efforts within your organisation.


At this stage we’ll start examining the areas of the application that are suitable for automation. Where hooks in the code are needed we’ll identify them and raise them with your development team (where possible). Where aspects of the application aren’t suitable for automation (perhaps they’re still subject to high levels of change) we’ll isolate them from the automation efforts. Where we identify key parts of the application for automation we’ll push them forward into the next phase of the process.


Automation delivers results because of the ability to scale up with large data sets. If those data sets have poor quality data then you’re just repeating the same tests without creating the highest levels of coverage possible. This is why good data set generation is crucial to your automation efforts. Good data set selection and generation not only increases test coverage significantly but also delivers efficiencies as you scale up your automated tests.


There’s no one framework that fits all. Picking the right framework from the start gives you the flexibility to scale your testing as your experience grows. We’ll bring a number of well-proven automation frameworks to the table, discuss the pros and cons of each and work to implement the best framework to meet your goals. We’ll look at data driven, keyword driven and hybrid approaches to make sure you build a solid foundation.


With the test cases identified, data generated and the framework in place, now comes the point at which we can start implementing the automated test cases. We’ll pick the highest priority test cases first and show you the way to create those tests within the framework we’ve built. It’s at this point that you’ll really start to see the benefits and the return on investment that you’ve been seeking from automation. Finally you’ll be freeing up your manual test resources from tedious regression testing to focus on more creative aspects.


Test automation, at its heart, is a development project. We're writing code to test code. It's imperative that source control tools are used to manage your automation code and test data. If your development teams are already using tools like SVN or Git then we'll focus on those. We'll setup the source code repositories for your automation code and show you the way to encourage team collaboration using TestComplete with a code management approach that supports continuous testing.


Setup of a continuous test environment using tools like Jenkins, Team City and Bamboo. Doesn't matter if you're working with a CI/CD environment or not. What we want to do is get you into a process of developing, testing and running tests on a regular basis. This approach delivers stable and reliable tests whilst helping you make test automation a habit that you work with on a daily basis.


No automation implementation goes on delivering results without a degree of maintenance and support. After all, the application under test changes, test cases need updating and you discover other areas of the application that are ripe for automation. So we’ll be on hand to help you with any of your maintenance questions and deliver support where you run into issues you can’t resolve on your own. From here on in you’ll wonder how you ever lived without effective automation in the first.


Request a 30 minute fact finding session

Nothing to lose. No cost. Just 30 minutes of your time to get some free pointers and advice.

Why Not Just Learn This Online?

There is a statistic that only 15% of people go on to complete online courses. If you're disciplined and you can block out the time to complete an online course then this is an effective way to do it. You can even start with our own free Introduction Course to TestComplete. Sign up here…

But if you're serious about learning the concepts and techniques to implement effective frameworks then we'd recommend a real, face-to-face, training course. Why?

First – total focus. When we provide you with a focused on-site session you're committed totally to learning and implementing. No disruptions or interruptions. For the duration of the engagement you can remain totally focused on what you need to learn, surrounded by like minded people.

Secondly – full completion. Unlike online courses that you can drop out of any time you'll see this engagement through to the end. You'll be present and attentive whilst we cover the complete topics and deliver the systems and processes you need.

Third – the right level. With online courses you get taught what's in that course and the pace the course is being taught. Face to face we can adjust the pitch and the pace of the engagement in real time. Struggling to grasp a few concepts? We understand that, and we'll find another way to explain it for you. Picking it up really fast? We'll up the pace and teach you more.

Fourth – Interaction. You'll learn more when your interacting with other people of a like mind set. You'll learn from their questions and from their unique experience. You may even find that they have similar challenges to you. Either way you'll pick up and learn lots more from talking with other people on our courses.

Fifth – it's practical. With an online course you get preached at. With a face to face engagement we can make the whole process so much more practical. Exercises to complete. Challenges to engage with. Questions to address. All of this goes towards making the training and mentoring more engaging and making sure you learn more. Lots more.

Online learning might be cheap. Online learning might be more convenient. You might even be disciplined enough to finish a course….. BUT online isn't going to give you the practical, real life experience that you'll need as the rubber hits the road. The practical experience you'll need when you really start to apply TestComplete to your automation projects. You'll come out of our engagements with the skills to really apply what you've learnt in the real world.

What it all boils down to is giving you the skills that enable you to succeed in the real world. No online course can deliver those skills. Focus, full completion, the right level, the interaction and the practical application. All aspects that make every one of our engagements more than just a training course. We'll give you the skills and leave you with the solutions!

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