We strive to help our customers implement effective, well thought out, test management solutions. We are passionate about helping you select the right tools and helping you implement them in the right way. Based in the United Kingdom we have delivered solutions all over the world. Our customer base includes companies in the United States, Australia, Europe and India. We have a team of experienced consultants who have all spent time as testers and test managers. With this experience we believe we’re best placed to help you implement and improve your test management processes.

Why Work With Us?

Our commitment to you
Whilst we have a tool set that we prefer to work with we will only recommend these tools to you if we’re convinced that it’s a solution that will work for you. If we believe it’s the right solution for you then we’ll work with you to prove why we think it’s the right solution.
Services and Support
We back up our commitment to provide you with the best solutions with our commitment to provide you with the best level of service too. We have specialist in test management and test automation that are well placed to give you the advice and guidance that is essential to your success.
Your Feedback
We are always looking to improve. So if you have feedback, positive or negative, we’d like to hear it. Only with a constructive dialogue established with our clients can we genuinely hope to be the best providers of tools and services in this specialist sector.
Our Experience
We have decades of experience in the software testing industry. Our team in composed of people who have been there and done it when it comes to managing successful testing projects. Only with this experience do we truly believe that we can give you the advice that’s really going to make a difference.
User adoption
Whilst we can provide you with the best solutions we can’t always guarantee user adoption of our tools. Yet we understand, that this little talked about but very important aspect of tool implementation, is crucial to your success. We’ll provide advice and guidance to help you increase your levels of user adoption.
Reduce Risks
Buying a new tool is only one small part of being successful with a new tool. If you’re going to reduce the risks of failing to implement a new tool then you’ll need motivated staff and someone to show you how to avoid common mistakes. Our experienced team are happy to help you succeed with implementation.
Effective use of resources
Selecting the right tool for your needs can be a complex and time consuming process. Whilst we don’t recommend gambling on selecting the right tools we can help with the selection process. Live web demos and proofs of concept all go to help you save time during the evaluation period. Free up your time by letting us do most of the leg work.
Proof of Concept
Frequently you won’t know if you’ve picked the right tool until you’ve implemented it for a real project. This is why we provide free trials of our products and work with you to complete a thorough evaluation based on your requirements. Where we can we’ll help you with a free proof of concept.
Our commitment to you
All this is about increasing your productivity and effectiveness as a test team. The right tools deliver increases in productivity and improve the way your team perform. We understand this and will work with you to make sure you see these productivity increases as quickly as possible.