Next-Gen Test Automation with Generative AI

Accelerate test creation and improve execution stability with Generative AI automated testing. The simplest way to increase test coverage in dynamic development environments.

No Code Automated Testing

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Visual Testing
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Cross Browser Testing

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Remove inherent instability

So much of traditional test automation depends on the instability of CSS selectors and XPath locators. It's an approach that slows down the speed of test creation and results in brittle tests that are prone to failing. An endless game where you're forever trying to keep up as your applications under test change.

This is your chance to move beyond the inherent instability of selectors. Use Reflect to embrace Generative AI's precise element targeting. Effortlessly translating plain-text instructions into automated actions and assertions.

This is the solution that lets testers focus on testing – without having to be developers.

Let Testers Be Testers

Test automation slows good testers down! Developing code, maintaining code and fixing bugs in automation scripts. Automation is supposed to free you from the monotony of repetitive regression testing. Let's be honest though… unless you're very very good at coding, automation is usually more hassle than it's worth.

Reflect is the “Testers" automation tool!

The tool that allows you to construct end-to-end tests at speed, outpacing code-based frameworks. The opportunity for the 'Tester', that doesn't code, to out pace the 'Test Automation Engineer'.

Automated Test Development at Speed

How does Reflect change the way your team approaches test automation?

How You're Working Now:

  • Hours spent sifting through test failures trying to work out if it's the automated test at fault or an actual defect in the application being tested.
  • Automation engineers with excessive volumes of technical debt and maintenance as they try to keep up with sprints
  • Automation engineers getting pulled into manual testing because your team just can't keep up with the demands for delivering each sprint release.
  • Excessive bottle necks to test development because good test automation engineers are difficult to find and training manual testers is fraught with risks.

How You Could Be Working Tomorrow:

  • Manual testers build their test cases with Reflects AI intelligence as they design their tests in real time.
  • Minimal test maintenance as you leave Reflect to worry about identifying objects consistently across different builds of your application.
  • Speed of automated test development vastly increased meaning you start to remove that backlog of technical debt hanging over your team.
  • No need to invest in expensive test automation resource that are hard to find.

Designed to Integrate with Common tools

Reflect seamlessly integrates with your existing development and testing workflows. Extensive support for test management tools, defect tracking tools and CI tools. Embed Reflect in your existing processes and really feel the benefits of AI based test automation.

Fast Feedback and Clear Visibility

With Reflect's cloud based execution model you get feedback fast. Couple this with integration to tools like Slack and you get fast release status visibility when you need it.
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