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Xray Training for Jira

This XRay Training for Jira course is designed to help you get the most out of the Xray Test Management tool for Jira. Delivered by one of our senior test management consultants we'll help your team maximise your productivity with XRay.

Completing this course will result in enhanced levels of setup optimization, cleaner test process workflows and higher levels of consistent user adoption.

This course is For Your Team If:

  • You want to avoid wasting time and effort trying to ensure you get high levels of implementation and execution consistency
  • You want your team to have the inside track on implementing XRay without the bias of a supplier provided training course
  • You value the experience of a trainer who's spent years in the trenches implementing test management solutions for some of the most advanced testing teams in the world.
  • You are ready to transform your approach to Test Management!

We've designed this course with a total focus on getting you to the point of having total mastery of XRay.  We’ve built it with a view to developing testers, BA's and developers skills in all aspects of test management. This XRay training course covers all aspects of the software development life cycle from creating your software release schedules, listing your requirements and/or defining user stories. We walk you through how to structure and link tests to those stories in the most efficient and effective way. Followed by going through the test execution process and tracking results. It’s all about practical implementation and using XRay to the best of it’s capabilities on a day-to-day basis.

Are You Ready To Implement A World Class Test Management Process?

Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up for our “Basic”  XRay Mastery course…


Module#1 – Getting Started

An introduction to XRay and setting up the prerequisites

In this module we’ll take you through an initial tour of XRay. We’ll talk through the main architecture, the key components and create our first test cases, cycles and plans. We’ll also walk you through some of the core user interface concepts and examine some workflow strategies you can employ with XRay


Module#2 – Admin and Configuration

Configuring and administering XRay. How XRay fits with Jira.

XRay is very flexible. You can work with various different workflow strategies and customise fields, screens and workflow. In this module we show you how to setup all of this and explain the parts of your Jira configuration that will have an impact on how you use XRay.


Module #3 – Test Cases in detail

A detailed look at how to create and manage your test cases

This is the core of XRay . Again though, there’s a lot of flexibility you can employ in the way you work with your test cases in XRay . We’ll take you through the different types of test cases and start looking at the different types of test cases you can work with.


Module #4 – Test Planning and Execution

Organising test cases into cycles and plans ready for test execution

In order to execute test cases in XRay you’ll need to pull test cases into a test cycle. We’ll demonstrate ways in which you can organise and run your test cycles. We’ll see how you can report on test cycle progress and how you can group test cycles into Test Plans for clearer reporting and organisation of your test efforts.


Module #5 – Strategies for Organising Tests

Strategies for organising test cases and managing your test efforts

As your repository of test cases grows it’s easy for everything to become disorganised very quickly. If you keep things organised then it’s easier to make sure people aren’t wasting time rewriting test cases that have already been written. XRay comes with numerous features that will help you tag, track and manage everything in an organised manner.


Module #6 – Reporting and Analysis

Generating reports and creating dashboards

One of the main reasons we track all of our testing efforts in a test management tool is that we can report on progress and status. XRaycomes with reports that cover Execution and Traceability. We’ll show you how to generate these reports and how to get the best of the XRay reporting engine. We’ll also walk you through the numerous XRay Gadgets that can be used on your Jira dashboards.


Module #7 – The REST Api

How to use the XRay Rest API

You may think you don’t have any use for the XRay REST Api. However, if you want to automate tasks and perhaps feed data into external reporting tools then this Api is invaluable. For those that aren’t familiar with REST we’ll take you through the basics and we’ll demonstrate some practical real world examples. For those that already know REST we’ll show you how to get everything you need to know to get the most out of this powerful addition to XRay.


Module #8 – BDD

What is BDD and how to work with BDD in XRay

There’s a lot more to XRay than just writing and running manual tests. It’s here that we start to look at the comprehensive builtin BDD functionality. Write your test cases in Gherkin syntax and use inbuilt tools to distribute those Gherkin files to automation engineers. For those that aren’t familiar with BDD we’ll cover the basics too.


Module #9 – Test Automation

How to build automation into your XRay setup

XRay plugs into a range of different automation tools. It accepts test results from many different unit test frameworks. It’s here that we’ll walk you through building a test automation systems and continuous test capability with XRay . We’ll provide a ready built Selenium framework and take you through plugging all the components together to build a ready to go continuous test system.


Module #10 – Advanced (7 concepts)

Advanced test case management concepts

There’s far more to test management than many realise. In this module we’ll take you through concepts like version control, test allocation, parameterisation, and much more. In many ways this is where the rubber meets the road. It’s where we show you how to implement and use XRay in your projects.

Meet Your New Mentor, Trainer and Coach

Discover how he’s helped Testers and Agile Team’s across the globe implement high performing test management and test automation systems…


When you sign up for our ‘Professional’ Training package you also get...

Custom Module

Every team looks to implement a Test Management solution in a slightly different way. Every team has their own nuanced requirements. We'll build a custom module specifically for your team to help you implement a solution that tailored to your specific demands. This all adds to consistency of use and implementation effectiveness.

Mentoring and Coaching

I've spent many years learning from others, figuring out what works and designing ways solve the issues testers face day in and day out. I have these solutions optimized and I want to share them with you in a way that's easy, efficient and digestible. My preferred way to complete this is with engaging weekly coaching sessions.


I'm fascinated, not only by Test Management but with personal productivity. Every course I run is supported with techniques, tools and systems to help your teams get the most out of what limited time they have. I'm a fan of developing not just online material but physical and tactile training material to keep people engaged too. The majority of my students learn not only about the tools but learn critical productivity hacks and techniques too.

Dedicated Training Environment

We’ll setup your own dedicated Jira/XRay SaaS based training environment for the duration of the training course. This gives your team the freedom to experiment and, of course, learn from their mistakes. Experiments and mistakes they can feel totally at home making in their own training setup. No concerns about making a mess of your live production environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course meant for?

Any team that has, or is about to implement XRay. For teams that are looking for real hard core training that focuses on implementing XRay in the real world. It's not worth reaching out to us if you just want some boring regurgitation of the products user guide.

How is this course different?

We're focused on user adoption and consistency of use. Why? Because embedding new tools isn't just about the technical challenges. It's about the people challenges and nurturing your users so that high levels of engagement and adoption gives you the maximum return for the effort you're putting in. Oh… And without consistency of use you're back to garbage-in = garbage-out

Why do you offer custom modules?

Every team looks to implement a Test Management solution in a slightly different way. Every team has their own nuanced requirements. This usually boils down to custom data entry requirements that lead to custom reporting demands.

With our custom modules, developed just for your team, we can ensure that we focus on your implementation. Your teams needs and specific requirements. It also makes for a more engaging training course for your team.

How do you create the custom modules?

As part of the 'Professional' package we'll hold 2 x 1 hour discovery sessions with key stakeholders in your team. In those sessions we'll work through and plan out the additional bespoke content you need for your online course. We'll then go away and create the first draft of those modules along with the first version of the recorded module videos. You'll review those modules and we'll make one set of revisions (to both the written content and the video).

Each of the 2 additional modules can be up to 30 minutes long and will be delivered as a recorded online session within our core XRay course. These modules will only be available to your team.

We have less than 10 people to train !

If you have less than 10 people to train then the basic package (without the custom modules, coaching and support) maybe a more suitable package for your team. Feel free to reach out to us though. We'd be happy to see if we can sort something out for you.

We have a lot more than 10 people to train!

Pricing for our 'Pro' version (that includes the custom modules, coaching and support) is based around a minimum of 10 students joining the course. If you have a lot more than 10 then reach out to us and we can talk through the options.

How do I know my team are working their way through the course?

Any team that has, or is about to implement XRay . For teams that are looking for real hard core training that focuses on implementing XRay in the real world. It's not worth reaching out to us if you just want some boring regurgitation of the products user guide.

Why would we want focus sessions?

In our experience the bog standard online recorded training courses have very low completion rates. Whilst a proportion of our courses are engaging video sessions with exercises, we find that committing to 30 mins a day, paired up with other team members, leads to a far high commitment level. Which ultimately leads to far higher levels of completion and greater levels of learning.

Do I have to have custom modules, coaching sessions, focus sessions, etc?

No. If you don't need these then you can just select the 'Basic' package that contains the 10 core learning modules, exercises and hard copy course notes.

Why do you spread the course out over 10 days?

In our experience people learn more when everything is presented in bite sized chunks. We've found that 30 to 40 minutes a day is the perfect format to drip feed content without overwhelming people and without significantly impacting their day to day work.

Why do you provide a Dedicated SaaS Training environment?

People are far more likely to experiment and learn when there's no fear of wrecking anything. So we'll provide a dedicated training environment for a period of 4 weeks so that your team can have full admin rights and full access to create/delete/modify anything they want to experiment with.

Let us transform Your Test Management System with higher levels of engagement, more consistent use and higher levels of learning with a training system that your team will love!

We can start this together now….

Reach out now and we can start putting your dedicated course together today.


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