Built using industry leading open source tools and proven commercial products this is a solution that can be implemented at a fraction of the cost of buying or building your own dedicated test platform. This is a solution giving you the flexibility you need for your development and test projects. It's the fastest shortcut to effective testing that you'll find.




Plug into any CI or CD solution and have the capability to test continuously at your fingertips. And with the ability to test continuously comes the ability to provide vivibitity and insights across test, development and CI functions. This is a solution that provides continuous testing out of the box with integrated reporting to help you manage your test resources .



A comprehensive test automation framework that is implemented in the cloud to provide fast deployment and scalability on-demand. A complete suite of neatly integrated tools that allows you to implement performance, functional and security tests across every aspect of your application. All simplifying the construction and delivery of complex automation frameworks.




With so many potential points of failure, your API testing regime needs a complete, integrated continuous testing system capable of probing every potential weakness. TM-API helps raise product standards and cut costs using proven open source technologies and cloud platforms to reduce your outlay and speed up deployment.

There’s a big attraction to developing and testing APIs. An interface that hides so much of the back end complexity and presents a simpler and cleaner view of complex business processes. Yet beneath that simpler layer of abstraction there are complex aspects to API testing that you can’t ignore.

Performance testing, data integrity testing, functional testing and of course integration testing. It’s never quite as simple as it might first appear. Deploy the right tools, configured as part of the right platform and you’ll be well placed to address these unique challenges that comprehensive testing of APIs demands.

TM-API combines a complete suite of tools allowing you to test every aspect of your API, at every stage of the development process. The TM-API platform provides full 360 degree testing of API functionality, security and performance.
Built using a suite of proven open source tools, TM-API offers an enterprise-class test automation framework at a fraction of the cost of other commercial tools. And by leveraging the power of the Amazon AWS cloud, we deliver everything in one self contained package.
A traditional automated API test system can demand a significant investment in time and effort to design and build. Choosing TM-API slashes the time taken to get to the actual point of testing – the whole system can be deployed to the cloud in just a few days. All helping to dramatically shorten your time to market too.
Integrated reporting that delivers dynamic charts and graphs to help you better direct test and development resources. Management and project data accurately direct you to issues and areas that need attention in order to keep delivery time lines on track.
The TM-API toolkit is production ready, helping enterprise customers dramatically reduce the time needed to test and deploy APIs. Deployed across various different verticals to deliver the results needed by some of the most demanding clients. This is a solution with a proven track record.
Need to be certain that this is a solution that will work in your environment? Before making any financial commitment, assess your own TM-API instance to confirm it does what you need. Call us and ask us to setup a proof of concept to show how this can deliver results for your team.


Designed by testers for testers, TM-API solves the problem of designing, deploying and managing an API test system. Hosted in the Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud, and managed either by your team or us, you no longer need to divert scarce resources into creating, maintaining and running the framework you need.

TM-API provides a comprehensive API test platform in a world where API development and deployment is becoming critical to the success of many businesses. API performance tests, API functional tests and API security tests can all be conducted seamlessly and effectively in the same environment. And because TM-API runs in the cloud, you only ever pay for what you use. No more long term licence commitments and budget sapping renewals.

With a platform that uses best-of-breed open source tools, you can be sure of a solution that meets the most demanding test team requirements. TM-API can be integrated into your continuous integration and delivery processes, improving the performance and security of your APIs at every iteration. Thanks to comprehensive reporting, your developers will know exactly what they’ve broken, as soon as they’ve broken it, further shortening development cycle times.

The tightly integrated nature of TM-API dramatically shortens the test cycles, and allows your test team to stay one step ahead of the development team (and that’s not easy these days). You can write your tests in Java, C++, Python and then data drive them with test data stored in dynamic and static test databases. Then simply feed the results into your test management tool of choice to deliver aggregated visibility of status and test results.

Whether you have a system with 1, 100 or 1000 end-points, we can build a pre-configured test rig to suit. With TM-API in place you will be able to mock 3rd party systems and even mock your own API to allow you to write and deliver tests before a single line of code is written. With tests written ahead of time you keep the entire team working to the same spec for the entire project duration. This is a Test Driven Development solution delivered as an integrated package.

Your pre-configured test framework will be crucial to raising security standards too. Every build is tested against business logic for security issues too. Looking to ensure that data leaks are identified and fixed before the next code push.

TM-API allows you to be fully committed to testing 100% of the time without having to commit any of your resources to the development of a test platform. Automated testing of your products faster and more effectively than ever before.


Choosing TM-API as your automated test platform delivers a number of savings and efficiencies that can be re-invested in further improving your products:

  • A Cloud-based solution means no additional on-site hardware, software or investment is required.
  • Includes a complete toolkit for testing every aspect of your APIs – even before you begin writing code.
  • A full automated platform deployed in days allowing you to ship secure APIs faster than ever.
  • Configured, deployed, managed and maintained by us if you need us. Your one-stop TM-API platform giving you the freedom to focus on what you do best – writing and running the actual tests.
  • No requirement to deploy additional hardware, no need for additional capital investment and none of the complexities associated with the installation of the traditional tool sets.

To learn more about TM-API and how it can be used to improve the quality and security of your APIs, please contact us to arrange a demo.


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