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Implementing BDD with TestComplete and Cucumber studio

testmanagement The rapid growth of BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) comes from the significant benefits realised by improving the communication and collaboration between business users, developers and testers. Not only that but also the realisation that this approach finally connects the broken link between specification documents and test cases (both manual and automated).

In the traditional project development approach it's common for either the specification documents or test cases to fall out of step with the software that's been developed. The real power of BDD comes from linking the specifications (acceptance criteria in this case), with the test cases and the code that's being developed. In the BDD world if your acceptance criteria, defined at the start of the process, aren't kept up to date then your test cases fail. If the test cases fail, at the end of the process, then you have a clear indication that you need to circle back to the start and make updates.

With TestComplete's support for BDD this powerful setup can now be implemented with the close integration delivered in Cucumber studio. A pairing that delivers real BDD capabilities for teams that need a smart way to record and track their BDD specifications. A pairing that delivers comprehensive automation capabilities for automating pretty much any application your developing. A pairing that working together gives you the capability to implement BDD with ease.


TestComplete – Cross platform, enterprise ready, scalable test automation solution that's designed for ease of use yet coupled with support for pretty much all major automation projects.


Cucumber studio– Agile user story and acceptance criteria capture tool that frames your specifications in a way that simplifies the development and test aspects of your projects.

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This is a one-to-one 30 minutes session where we'll ask you what you want to achieve with automation. In these 30 minutes we'll give you a few pointers and answer any questions you might have about implementing BDD.

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If you're looking to implement BDD then talk to us about the best route forward. With our BDD implementation solution we'll get you up and running and give you the skills, techniques and tools you need to succeed with BDD. A 5 stage engagement that covers:

  1. Setup and integration of Cucumber studio and TestComplete
  2. Training to cover both Cucumber studio and TestComplete
  3. Help define your first set of BDD scenarios
  4. Help you write the first batch automated tests
  5. Mentoring to support roll out and embedding of BDD

This is a course designed, written and presented by a tester for testers. No airy-fairy theory. Just practical solutions and techniques for every day QA challenges.

At the start it all boils down to the clear definition of the business rules and clear definition of the acceptance criteria.



If you're looking to grasp and work with the concepts of BDD, along with implementing a technical solution that delivers fast results then we can help. From showing you how to develop business specifications in Gherkin right through to setting up and operating the technical stack required to execute the automated tests.

The Cucumber studio and TestComplete stack is simple enough, yet powerful enough, to deliver a transformation in your specification and test automation process. With Cucumber studio you have the system to capture the business rules and acceptance criteria in an easy to operate way. Then from Cucumber studio create the feature files that can be interpreted by TestComplete. From TestComplete then, build your automated tests that process the feature files and execute the tests. Link in with Jenkins and you have the circular specification, development and execution loop that helps you deliver the right software with the right level of quality.

This approach to building and testing software soon becoming an infectious and addictive way of working and building success into your projects. Cucumber studio making it easy for business users, developers to communicate in a common language. TestComplete delivering the ease of test case automation that can be supported by both tester and developer alike. All of this avoiding the typical complex, code driven, stacks of tools that end up over complicating this whole way of working.

With TestComplete converting your Gherkin scripts into automated tests you'll see just how easy it is to follow the BDD approach. You'll avoid over complicated processes that hold back and restrict the typical attempts at implementing BDD. No mish-mash of open source tools that weren't really ever designed to work together. No dependencies on knowing and understanding Java or C# code that only a handful of your team understand. No reliance on one or two people in your team that understand the technical implementing needed to get this process working end-to-end.

Simplify the definition of your business requirements and executable acceptance criteria with Cucumber studio . Accelerate the development of your automated test creation with TestComplete. And tie everything together with Jenkins to help deliver a compact feedback loop that provides reporting capabilities the whole team can depend on.

With our BDD based consulting engagement we'll provide you with both the skills needed to define business requirements and acceptance criteria with Gherkin. We'll show you how to integrate the tool stack to get you started in no time at all. We'll teach you all you need to know to write your automated tests in TestComplete. And we'll get you running with Jenkins to create the feedback loop and reporting capability that ensures results.

A proven approach that delivers results in weeks. A tool stack that's proven. The BDD process framework that's proven. A test automation platform that's proven. And a CI capability that's proven. All linked together to deliver results that will invigorate and drive your whole way of working forward.

Call us and arrange an initial free consultation. We'll run through 15 key questions that will assess the current state of your process and tool set. 15 questions that will enable us to assess your teams suitability for implementing BDD and identify the best path forward to implementation.

Our aim is to help you implement BDD, tweak the process where required and show you the best way to deliver maximum results. An agile project management approach coupled with BDD for capturing business requirements and ensuring those requirements are delivered with automated testing has the capacity to transform your way of working. Let us show you how.


Request a 30 minute fact finding session

Nothing to lose. No cost. Just 30 minutes of your time to get some free pointers and advice.

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