Integrating TestComplete with Azure DevOps

January 9, 2023

In this series of 3 posts we're walking you through the process of integrating TestComplete with Azure DevOps. In this post we walk you through the end-to-end process. In the 2nd post we show you how to set up, configure and prepare all the different components. Then in the 3rd post we talk you through constructing your first pipeline and integrating your TestComplete automation run into your release.

The overall process looks like this:

The core aspects of this setup being:

  1. Our TestComplete project is stored in an ADO Git repo.
  2. We map our TestComplete Test Items to ADO Test Cases.
  3. Pipeline is configured to execute tests on an agent
  4. Test results are fed back to an ADO test run
  5.  Your release report shows the status of the automated tests.

We walk you through the overview of the process in this video.

In the next video we'll take you step by step through the preparation steps; Installing the test adaptor, binding to ADO, linking tests and setting up your agent machine.