Cross Browser and Mobile Browser Testing

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Cross browser testing is always a bit of a challenge for test teams that are trying to keep up with the ever increasing combinations of browsers, platforms and operating systems. Add mobile browsers into the mix and you may as well forget traditional approaches testing. Testing manually just isn’t going to cut it. One approach… Read more »

How To Map Objects in TestComplete – part 2

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We’ve looked at ‘Why we need name mapping‘ and we’ve covered ‘What name mapping is‘. Now we’re going to take a look at the ‘How to map objects’ part of TestComplete. The quick way to get started with mapping objects is to have TestComplete populate the name map as you record tests. This isn’t the… Read more »

Bringing Manual and Automated Tests Together

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Bringing manual and automated tests together to deliver combined reporting and traceability is an important goal for many QA teams. Usually this means linking an automated testing process into a manual test tracking tool. With the new 9.9 release of QAComplete and release 10.0 of TestComplete implementing an integrated solution becomes possible without investing vast… Read more »

Understanding TestComplete Name Mapping – part 1

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Often when you start out with TestComplete you’ll find yourself bewildered by the complexity of identifying and naming the objects in the application you’re testing. TestComplete has a lot of powerful features to help with identifying objects in applications but when you’re starting out you’ll want to get to grips with the basics. The next… Read more »

Don’t Knock Record and Playback In Test Automation Tools – it does what it says on the tin

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Record and playback features in test automation tools have a bad reputation. Why? When you purchase the automation tool it says on the tin “record and play back”. And for most tools this is exactly what they do. Yet many users seem to expect far more. Let’s be clear though, the tin does not say… Read more »

Automated Test Management – Planning

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When implemented well, automated testing can save a significant amount of time and money. The key is to start your planning with something small, and with tests that offer a high return on investment. A good example of this is the smoke tests run by the team to check that the latest build meets a… Read more »