Fast Start TestComplete – Module 1: Getting Started

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If you’re looking to learn TestComplete fast then this is the place to start. We’ve pulled together 14 fast start training modules teaching you all you need to know when you start out with TestComplete. Everything you need to become productive in the shortest time possible. Each module comprises of one short video along with… Read more »

Module 6 – Using Source Code Control to Manage Our Test Artefacts

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Module 6 – Using Source Code Control to Manage Our Test Artefacts In this final module we’re looking how we can best control all of our test resources and files. We’ve created Selenium, SoapUI and JMeter tests. The files for all of these tests are now scattered all over our distributed test automation environment. Not… Read more »

Module 5 – Running Our Performance Tests with JMeter

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In this Moudule we’re focusing on running our performance and load tests. We’ll create some simple scripts in JMeter and link the execution of these scripts into our build process with Jenkins. Once our Selenium functional tests and our SoapUI REST API tests are complete we’ll kick off these JMeter tests. The setup of this… Read more »

Module 4 – Executing Our REST API Tests

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In this module we start to put together some API tests to check the REST Api that is delivered as part of a Rocket Chat install. The moment the Selenium tests complete Jenkins will trigger SoapUI to run a number of REST based API tests from one of the Windows AWS client machines. In setting… Read more »

Module 3 – Adding Selenium Browser Automation in to the Mix

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As we look at driving a Windows client machine from Jenkins, to run Selenium based browser tests things get a little bit more involved. In this 3rd module of our Building The Test Automation Framework course we step things up a little bit. Nothing we can’t handle though as we take you through each step… Read more »

Module 2 – An Introduction to Jenkins for Testers

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We have the test environment in place (if you don’t check here) and we know enough to be dangerous with Amazon Web Services. Next step is probably the most important. We need to get Jenkins installed, configured and running. Jenkins has to be one the testers most useful tools. It’s not just handy for kicking off… Read more »

Module 1 – An Introduction to Amazon Web Services for Testers

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Our 6 module course on Building the Test Automation Framework starts with Amazon Web Services (AWS). We’re going to use AWS, and more specifically, the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) to build our test environment and automation system. It all starts with configuring and running up the virtual machines we need to run everything on. If… Read more »

Building the Test Automation Framework

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Welcome to Building the Test Automation Framework. A 6 part course that takes you step by step through the process of building a test automation framework. A test automation framework we’ll build completely from open source tools. Each of the 6 modules is a short course in it’s own right. Each module covering tools like;… Read more »