Python Basics for Test Automation Engineers

May 29, 2022

Like it or not the most effective way to build automated tests is with code. Yes drag and drop, icon based, user friendly IDE's can be productive. Just that they'll never be as effective or productive as developing automated tests in code.

This is why languages like Python are critical to a lot of test automation projects. So in a series of courses that will cover Python, Java Script and C# we start by taking you through the basics of Python. In a series of 14 modules You'll learn about Python ….

Module 1 – Operations

Module 2 – Variables

Module 3 – Operators

Module 4 – Lists

Module 5 – Loops

Module 6 – Functions

Module 7 – Modules

Module 8 – Exceptions

Module 9 – Assertions

Module 10 – None

Module 11 – Dictionaries

Module 12 – Tuples and slices

Module 13 – String Formatting

Module 14 – Useful Functions

Python is critical to a lot of test automation projects. If you're starting out on your Test Automation journey then this is worth learning!

If you'd rather work through 14 bite sized modules over 14 days (no more than 15 minutes each day), then sign up for the free online course here…

We'll be following up soon with Advanced Python. Advanced Python is the next course in the series where we take you in to the realm of object orientated programming with Python.