Test Result Aggregation with Quality Center

January 3, 2013

No test team can run every single test case on every single release of a product. So being able to aggregate results from different views or areas in your test management tool is essential when it comes to seeing the whole picture. However, how your test management tool deals with that aggregation might not be quite so simple. This partly depends on how the QA team have set things up and partly on how well the tool you use deals with this.

In this video we look at how Quality Center deals with result aggregation.

Ultimately we’re looking for accurate reporting that demonstrates the quality of the product at a point in time. The very nature of this aggregation though means that we’re aggregating over a period of time. So we can never accept this way of reporting as the whole truth. So there are some things to watch out for here though. More explained in this The Aggregated Test Management Results Report blog post.