Managing Retests with Quality Center

January 3, 2013

At some point in the test management process you’ll need to re-test fixes that have been made to resolve issues. This re-test process needs to be approached from two angles. Firstly, identifying failed test cases from previous test runs and then re-running those test cases in a subsequent cycle. Secondly, identifying defects that have been resolved and running tests to confirm that those defects have been fixed.

Our test management tool, in this case Quality Center, needs to support us in these endeavors. In this video we look at how QC can be used to pull together a test set which includes test cases that have failed in the past. The video also covers how we can identify fixed defects, and from those defects identify test cases that we’ll need to re-run to confirm the fixes for those defects.

The key point to take away from this is that re-testing is an essential part of our test management process. However, effective re-testing really needs to be supported by the tools we’re using. With Quality Center we can easily identify testcases that failed previously and run them as part of a new set. We can also identify fixed defects that need to be tested by either existing or new testcases. Either way if you’re familiar with the way in which QC can support you with this then attacking this aspect of your test management process shouldn’t pose any problems at all for you.