Questioning the worth of your current test management tool?

October 5, 2011
Finding the right test management tool is difficult. Finding the right tool with the features you need to deliver the benefits you need to manage your process is even more difficult. Perhaps…
  • Quality Center is costing you too much?
  • You’ve outgrown TestLink?
  • Excel and Word are not scaling up for you?
If this is the case then take a look at the latest 9.7 release of QAComplete.

      Test Management with QAComplete

The latest release of QAComplete now delivers… Dynamic test-step management Create test-steps with easy to drag and drop features. Build your cases with the simplicity of Excel yet keep the traceability that Excel can never deliver. An easy to reuse library Hundreds, thousand or even hundreds of thousands of testcases. Either way this solution scales up like TestLink and Excel could never hope to. Traceability from all artifacts to releases Need to check the current status of your release? One single test management report shows you cases written, runs, requirements covered and defects raised. It doesn’t get easier than this. Execution runs that are tagged against configurations you define One of the biggest headaches for QA teams is usually tracking which testcases have been run against which configurations. You no longer have to worry about this. QAComplete worries about it for you. The ability to migrate form HP Quality Center Had enough of the renewal costs for your Quality Center licenses? Yet you need a similar feature set to QC along with a the ability to migrate? We’ve go the solution for you. All this adds up to give you greater understanding of how requirements, defects and testcases relate. As a result you’ll deliver higher quality products. In short QAComplete now gives you a comparable test management solution to HP Quality Center at one-fifth of the cost. Want to make a good investment and see a quick return? Then trial QAComplete now….

Test Management Trial