31st Test Management Forum Coming Up

October 11, 2011

We’re two weeks away from the 31st Test Management forum in London this month. Usually a great live forum for picking up on some of the latest concepts and ideas surrounding this specialist discipline. Line up for this meeting are sessions on:

Innovations in Test Automation – putting the case forward for IT innovations that deliver cost savings through the implementation of automation. Covering the cost challenges normally associated with implementation this session aims to identify the benefits of looking beyond just the price of purchasing the tools.

The Agile Pretence – in this session the speaker is looking to challenge that often spoken statement that ‘we’re agile’. Are we really agile? Is this phrase being slightly overused these days to describe development environments that aren’t really quite as agile as they’d like to think?

Performance by design – for most of us performance usually only becomes an issue once we’ve gone live with a new product. In this session the speaker puts forward the case for designing in performance right from the start. Building on this the aim is to discuss how the QA team should approach test management from this perspective when we take it right from the start of the application design.

User Acceptance Expertise in Contract Negotiation – examples and reasons why the QA team should get involved right up front during the negotiation of new contracts. Most testers have a wealth of real life experience that can help immensely whilst negotiating and scoping out projects.

For those interested in attending this stimulating forum on test management you can find out more here…

Test Management Forum 26th October