Is it just me or do you get this feeling too?

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One of the stand out moments in 2015 has to be the high profile fall out in one of the biggest sports in the world. A fall out between one of the most successful partnerships of all time in Formula 1. A fall out that had many parallels with the way testers are treated in our… Read more »

Why Don’t We Thrash Out The API Design At The Start?

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It’s the start of a new project. Everyone is throwing in design ideas. Lot of excitement. Bit of a buzz. High level architecture is taking shape. Wire diagrams for the GUI are nearly finished. ‘This’ system will talk to ‘that’ system. You know which systems are storing the different pieces of data. Front end will… Read more »

Why Don’t We Learn From Our Mistakes?

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Chesley Sullenberger, the pilot who landed an Airbus A320 on the Hudson explained in an interview that “Everything we know in aviation, every rule in the rule book, every procedure we have, we know because someone somewhere died…. We have purchased at great cost, lessons literally bought with blood that we have to preserve as… Read more »

Tracking Results and Traceability for Automated Tests

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You’ve configured your test hosts (Bringing Manual and Automated Tests Together) and you’ve set up and run automated tests from QAComplete (Setting Up Automated Tests in QAComplete). Now we’re running these automated tests how do we track the results and how do we follow the traceability back to our requirements? Traceability For many of our… Read more »

Setting Up Automated Tests in QAComplete

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We’re going to continue with our look at how to combine manual and automated tests with QAComplete and TestComplete. We’ve already seen how to install and configure the Test Agent which connects QAComplete and TestComplete. Now we look at how to setup automated tests and execute them. You will need to configure the Test Manager… Read more »

Bringing Manual and Automated Tests Together

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Bringing manual and automated tests together to deliver combined reporting and traceability is an important goal for many QA teams. Usually this means linking an automated testing process into a manual test tracking tool. With the new 9.9 release of QAComplete and release 10.0 of TestComplete implementing an integrated solution becomes possible without investing vast… Read more »

Integrating TestComplete and Quality Center

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For many, integrating your test management system with your automation environment is a key aim. Whilst Quality Center integrates with UFT and QTP out of the box, many have other integration requirements. In cases where you might be looking to integrate TestComplete automated tests with Quality Center the following set up and execution instructions may… Read more »


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If you are ever in London, I highly recommend Kew Royal Botanic Gardens. It’s perfect on a warm Spring Sunday evening. Miles of stunning trees and plants in bloom. Amazing colours, rolling landscapes, parakeets, and great food. I particularly recommend the treetop walkway. For a relaxing day out, you can’t beat it. Except, that is,… Read more »

The Hidden Influence on Quality

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Have you read Quiet by Susan Cain yet? In it Cain refers to studies that show just how much peer pressure influences our decisions — a concept that has some interesting ramifications for us as software testers. We’re all exposed to peer pressure. Even as testers we are subjected to peer pressure. Peers in development… Read more »

A Look at QAComplete's New Test Management Versioning Capabilities

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With the release of the 9.8.1 version of QAComplete and ALMComplete SmartBear software have included two new key test management features. The first is a versioning feature that allows you to select which version of a testcase is used in a run. The second is an assignment feature that allows you to assign at the… Read more »