SVN Basics – Module 5: Tagging and Branching

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On to tags and branching then. Tags allow us to give a more human-friendly name to a specific revision of our folders/files. Branching gives us the capability to create a copy of the folders/files in our repository and have a different copy to work on – without fear of corrupting our main copy. As you’ve… Read more »

SVN Basics – Module 4: Managing Conflicts

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We know how to create a repository. We know how to setup our SVN client and import our initial set of files. And in the 3rd module in this series we saw how to check out and commit changes from/to the SVN repository. All pretty straight forward and easy to follow while just one user… Read more »

SVN Basics – Module 2:
Setting Up the Tortoise SVN Client and SVN Import

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In the first tutorial we looked at why we need SVN and setting up our own Visual SVN server. When working with your team at work or collaboratively over the net, you probably won’t need to setup the server. This will probably already be in place and you’ll be given an account that allows you…

SVN Basics – Module 1:
Core Components and Installing Visual SVN Server

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In this set of tutorials, we’re going to take you through the basics of Subversion with Visual SVN Server and Tortoise SVN. Subversion (from here on in referred to as SVN) is a centralized Version Control System. That is, it’s a tool that allows us to version control files and collaborate on files. SVN deployed…

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