How To Map Objects in TestComplete – part 2

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We’ve looked at ‘Why we need name mapping‘ and we’ve covered ‘What name mapping is‘. Now we’re going to take a look at the ‘How to map objects’ part of TestComplete. The quick way to get started with mapping objects is to have TestComplete populate the name map as you record tests. This isn’t the… Read more »

Setting Up Automated Tests in QAComplete

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We’re going to continue with our look at how to combine manual and automated tests with QAComplete and TestComplete. We’ve already seen how to install and configure the Test Agent which connects QAComplete and TestComplete. Now we look at how to setup automated tests and execute them. You will need to configure the Test Manager… Read more »

Bringing Manual and Automated Tests Together

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Bringing manual and automated tests together to deliver combined reporting and traceability is an important goal for many QA teams. Usually this means linking an automated testing process into a manual test tracking tool. With the new 9.9 release of QAComplete and release 10.0 of TestComplete implementing an integrated solution becomes possible without investing vast… Read more »