Video #3:  Add the Tests


Video 1 : Overview of the Structure and Concepts

A quick look at how all the pieces fit together and why we're doing things the way we are. We explore the main parts including Page Objects, Components, Tests and Utilities. And we look at the three goals in building any framework; Reusability, Maintainability and Readability.

6 Minutes


Video 2 : Building the Framework

Step by step we take you through building this TestComplete Keyword framework for the “Web Orders" demo application. Twelve easy to follow steps that you can apply to your applications. When you're finished you'll have a structure that keeps everything organised, easy to work on and, crucially, avoids any duplication.

25 Minutes


Video 3 : Add the Tests

We have the framework. The parts that we need to interact with each page and each component on every page. Now we need to start writing and adding the automated tests. We work with a three layer structure of Features (folders), Scenarios and test steps. It’s here that we bring everything together to deliver a framework that will support you as you scale your suite of automated test cases.

38 Minutes

We've created a Pdf 'Step-by-step' guide that walks you through this process of building a keyword framework with TestComplete

Along with this guide you can get this sample TestComplete project with all the required code too. Just click the button below and we'll send everything to you.

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