Video #3: Azure DevOps Pipeline Configuration


Video 1 : Integrating TestComplete with Azure DevOps

In this video we’ll walk you through an overview of how TestComplete can be integrated with Azure DevOps. We talk you through how everything connects and introduce you to the 4 key setup steps.

02 Minutes


Video 2 : Azure DevOps Integration Preparation

In order to integrate TestComplete and Azure DevOps you need to complete 4 setup steps. Those steps are; 1. Create ADO Git Repository, 2. Bind TestComplete to ADO, 3. Link tests and 4. Setup your Agent and Agent machine.
11 Minutes


Video 3 : Azure DevOps Pipeline Configuration

Once you’ve completed the preparation and setup configuration you’ll want to build your first pipeline. We walk you through configuring your first pipeline and show you how to integrate this into a release.
16 Minutes

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