Validate visual updates

Visually Test Across Platforms

Use Reflect to run across multiple platforms with the Visual Comparison feature to ensure consistency and accuracy. Save hours of manual, tedious, visual checking.

Every page - every platform

Increase Visual Test Coverage

Usually extensive visual testing remains an after thought as testers just keep an eye out during the formal test process. Often no formal approach defined because of the tedious nature of visual testing. And when you couple this with cross platform requirements you just know you’re missing a huge part of your coverage.

So why not leave this to Reflect? With the ability to scale across multiple platforms and look for visual regressions on every page of your application this no longer becomes a challenge. No longer are you reliant on your end users notifying you about embarrassing visual issues in your application.


Simplify and Scale Visual Checks

There’s nothing more embarrassing than having your end users tell you about obvious visual issues with your applications. It leaves a really negative impression. Which is why we make it so easy for you to build out your visual testing strategy.

Build Tests Fast
Record your actions in our embedded browser and simply highlight the areas you need checked visually.
Identify Platforms
List the browsers and platforms you need to test across and build out extensive coverage matrixes in no time at all.
Trigger your test runs and leave it to Reflect to do the heavy lifting of analysing for visual errors.
Fast Feedback
Integrate with your usual CI/CD tool set to give your team execution and feedback capabilities right within your existing pipelines.
Review and Approve
When Reflect picks up an issue simply confirm that you’re happy with the visual state on this platform or directly raise a defect from within Reflect.
Integrations with Jira, Linear and Azure DevOps make the process of raising defects painless.

Your Pipeline / Your Process

Designed for existing test & development workflows

We know that in order to build, test and release fast that you need to enhance your existing process. Building new processes and pipelines from the ground up is not viable. This is why we make it so easy to fit Reflect into existing CI/CD pipelines. Simplicity both from triggering test runs and reporting on the results from executions.

Reflect comes with built in integrations for tools like Azure DevOps, CircleCi and Jenkins.
If you want to keep things simple just setup your own regular execution schedule right from within Reflect.
Build your GitHub workflows so that they initiate your Reflect test runs and feed results back to GitHub.
Email is here to stay. What can we say? We support it!
Link to your instance of Jira and simplify the process of raising bugs as test cases fail. Complete with videos and steps to reproduce.
Keeping your team up to date is critical. Link into your Slack Channels to keep your whole team in the picture.

Why does this matter?

1. Accuracy Matters:

“Can I trust automated visual testing to catch every detail accurately?"
No. Well not yet, but it will certainly catch more than you can manually. As AI improves though our ability to catch visual errors improves. Even as things stand this capability will help you achieve unparalleled accuracy and coverage. A meticulous ability to identify and validate visual elements, ensuring your application is scrutinized comprehensively with a 2nd pair of eyes.

2. Speed without Sacrificing Quality:

“Will automating visual tests compromise the quality of my testing process?"
It's usually a question of trade-offs. You either put the time in and get the coverage. Or you don't put the time in and you don't get the coverage. That trade off has now been eliminated. This not only accelerates your testing but does so without compromising coverage. Fast, accurate, and reliable visual testing that doesn't eat up your time and isn't an after thought.

3. Adaptability to Dynamic User Interfaces:

“Can it keep up with the dynamic nature of your user interface?"
Your UI changes, your layout flexes and different platforms render images differently. Reflects AI technology dynamically adapts to the ever-evolving UI, capturing visual nuances, even in the most dynamic applications. Giving you the ability to easily incorporate visual testing automation into your workflow, minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency.

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