Scale with simplicity

Scale Across Multiple Browsers

The record once and run on many environments capability has been around for a while now. Yet when you couple this with AI execution you massively increase your ability to test fast and identify defects fast. Reflect simplifies cross-browser testing across all the main browsers, covering versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.


Every Browser Is Different

Every browser renders pages differently. That's why most cross browser testing platforms run into issues with object recognition as you scale. Which is where Reflect gives you the edge. Differences between browsers are handled with Reflect's AI engine to make sure you're capturing real issues not fighting with the different ways different browsers build their DOM.

Coverage is key

We don't support every browser under the sun. We support the suite of browsers that will give you 95%+ coverage across the platforms that matter to your customers. Scaling to get the coverage that delivers for you user base is what matters.

Results Matter

It's not just speed of execution that matters. Speed of analysis is critical too. Every execution run providing you with full end-to-end video recording. Every piece of analysis you engage in supported with integrations to help you raise bugs with all the supporting information needed.

Your Customers / Your Coverage

Why Waste Time?

You know you need high levels of browser coverage. You just don't need the hassle of organising it and running it. And running tests across lots of browsers at scale will consume a lot of you time. Time that's better spent on functional and performance testing. That's why we make it so simple, and so quick, for you to run tests at scale.

Reflect's unrivalled test recorder let's you create tests fast. Then let's you run them even faster. Stay ahead with Reflect's automatic browser updates, ensuring your tests run seamlessly on the latest browser versions. Conquer visual testing challenges at scale, and catch regression issues early.

The evolution of testing is starting here!

Speed Up

Designed to help you work at speed

As you analyse issues that your cross browser testing identifies you'll want integration with tools like Jira. Raise defects at speed with supporting videos and steps to reproduce. Re-run fixed issues and clear down open defects as you re-run from Reflect. Integrations all designed to help you work at speed with accuracy

Reflect comes with built in integrations for tools like Azure DevOps, CircleCi and Jenkins.
If you want to keep things simple just setup your own regular execution schedule right from within Reflect.
Build your GitHub workflows so that they initiate your Reflect test runs and feed results back to GitHub.
Email is here to stay. What can we say? We support it!
Link to your instance of Jira and simplify the process of raising bugs as test cases fail. Complete with videos and steps to reproduce.
Keeping your team up to date is critical. Link into your Slack Channels to keep your whole team in the picture.

Why does this matter?

Getting ahead with cross-browser testing matters because:

1. Your Users Expect Consistency:
Ensuring a consistent and reliable user experience across different web browsers gives your users confidence in your products. To gain that confidence you need to be preventing discrepancies and inconsistencies in how your website or application runs on different browsers.

2. You Don't Control Browser Market Share:
Google, Microsoft and Apple are all competing for a larger market share. That's never going to change. As they fight you need to accommodate. You need to accommodate your users on all those browsers and ensure compatibility. With that compatibility comes broader audience reach.

3. It Only Takes One Mistake:
You don't know where that dissatisfied user with that negative review is going to come from. Murphy's law says it'll be that tiny percentage of browser coverage that you deemed low risk. Basing coverage on risk is all very well but it'll cut no ice against that negative review. The only real solution is maximum coverage in the shortest possible time.

4. Compliance and Accessibility:
It's a tough one to keep up with compliance, industry standards and accessibility requirements. Whilst we can't guarantee compliance we can give you confidence that your web site or application is consistent across platforms. Helping you ensure that compliance achieved on one platform is likely met on others.

5. Future-Proofing:
Keeping up with browser releases is a never ending battle. As browsers evolve, cross-browser testing lets you adapt your application to new browser features and functionality. This might be a never ending battle but it's one you can win if you take the right approach.

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