Video #1: An Introduction to Test Automation Frameworks


Video 1 : An Introduction to Test Automation Frameworks

People talk about frameworks but few seem to really understand what the term means. In this session we walk through some of the fundamental terms and explain the basic concepts of frameworks. You’ll find out why the terms Components and Architecture are important too.

1:31 Seconds


Video 2 : An Analogy for Test Automation Frameworks

Taking things a step further we explain the terms framework, components and architecture with a analogy. Granted it’s a slight strange analogy. However, you’ll see how it all comes together as we then apply the concepts to test automation.

2:06 Seconds


Video 3 : Test Automation Frameworks in Practice

Time to see how all these concepts apply to real world frameworks. What the different types of frameworks are and why they’re important. There’s nothing ground breaking here but these fundamentals are critical when starting out on your journey to build your own frameworks.
3:16 Seconds

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