Text Recognition for Test Automation

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Sometimes with test automation tools it’s difficult not to jump to the conclusion that they aren’t suitable for the job you want them to do. Usually this because of the steep learning curve and the difficulties associated with working out how best to approach the problem you are trying to resolve. One of the most… Read more »

Don’t Knock Record and Playback In Test Automation Tools – it does what it says on the tin

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Record and playback features in test automation tools have a bad reputation. Why? When you purchase the automation tool it says on the tin “record and play back”. And for most tools this is exactly what they do. Yet many users seem to expect far more. Let’s be clear though, the tin does not say… Read more »

Using Test Automation Tools to Test Different Browsers

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For the purpose of this article on test automation tools we are going to focus on Test Complete and creating a script to cover multiple different browser types with multiple windows. Now on the surface this can look very complicated. With Test Complete though we can use parametrization in name mapping to simplify this. What… Read more »