The TEST Automation Implementation Blueprint

How Teams Can Implement Scalable Test Automation Frameworks
Without The Overhead of Learning To Become Professional Coders

“Training counts for nothing without implementation and user adoption!”


Advanced Concepts

Learn to automate testing with
SpecFlow or TestComplete

Key Code Techniques

Master just a handful of
key coding techniques

Framework Concepts

Build your first coded
framework from scratch

GOAL OF Phase 1

Raise your game using the automation tool of your choice

Understand key C#, JavaScript or Python concepts

Apply practical framework construction techniques


Discovery Session

A look at one of your applications that we'll build a framework for. We'll work with you to design a good test structure. We'll assess the best approach to building your framework for your application.

Framework Build

We'll build a framework and the first suite of tests against your application. We'll apply our knowledge and our experience to make sure that you set off on the right track, right from the start.


It's all about you writing and running automated tests. In this session we'll show you how to write automated tests in your framework, for your application. Building on the coding and framework skills you've already learnt you're now writing your own tests.


An “Enterprise Grade” test automation framework built and implemented for one of your applications, with your team writing and adding automated test cases at speed.

Your team is
ready to scale
and evolve

You have the skills
to add and execute
automated tests

We've delivered a
working framework
for your application



We work with you to build test automation into your GitHub, Azure DevOps or Jenkins environment. Delivering both training and consulting to get you setup with an end-to-end automation process that delivers continuous results.


The initial excitement of implementing test automation can start to wane. You can avoid this by building in processes to create lasting motivation. We work one-to-one with regular weekly accountability sessions that keep automation engineers focused on delivering results.


Once you're up and running you may hit the odd road block. Perhaps a difficult technical challenge. Or maybe you need advice on ways to integrate with DB's or REST apis for test data. We're on hand to help when you need us.