Building Keyword Frameworks with TestComplete

How to build maintainable, scalable and well organised keyword tests using the Page Object Model pattern.

A series of 3 short practical webinars walking you through building a keyword framework

What we're going to build and creating the initial structure

The Page Object Model and understanding where everything goes

Creating well structured tests and refactoring

Start saving yourself time and effort!! Build a framework that works!

Do any of these sound like you with your keyword automated tests?

Object identification is driving me mad. Everytime I change something it breaks seemingly un-related tests.

Why are my tests so un-reliable and difficult to maintain?

Keyword tests are so easy to create but so difficult to maintain.

Why is this Namemap feature so complicated to use?

Why does TestComplete break all my object identification every time I record new test?

Record and playback is …. let's not even go there!

Your Path to Success with Automated Testing

Building Keyword Frameworks with TestComplete

Implementing an effective framework with TestComplete keyword tests doesn't have to be painful.

This seemingly simple approach to building automated tests with Keywords in TestComplete can be a double edged sword. When you start with a blank sheet with simple drag and drop operations, it’s easy to create pretty much anything. And that ‘anything’ usually ends up being a mess.

Which is why you need a framework to help you structure and organise everything.

With the right techniques and with the right structure in place it can be more straightforward than you’d expect. We want to make sure that you’re not making the same common mistakes that most teams make. With a bit of direction and a few pointers towards the right path you can succeed with automated testing too.

We’ve successfully implemented automation solutions for FTSE 100 insurance companies, trading companies in the centre of London and global banks. Our experience, our systems and our methodology is here to support you too. This series of three webinars has been put together to help you succeed with automated testing.