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Cloud based test automation service designed specifically to support Agile Teams


Test Specifications

You provide us with test case specifications (just outlines or detailed specs … whatever works best for you).


Tests Automated

We dedicate our specialist automation resources to developing and maintaining your automated tests.


Test Results

You see the test results, and review those results, as part of your Agile Sprints

Is your Agile team on the back foot? Never enough time to implement automated testing?

Do these sound familiar?

1 Your testers are over committed

When the sprint deadline looms, and you still have features to squeeze in, it's easy to revert to manual testing and de-prioritise automation.

  • We take on the test automation task so that you can keep your testers focused on what's critical.

2 Your developers are too busy

Your developers are usually well placed to help with implementing automated testing frameworks. Yet freeing up their time means less resources focused on sprint deliverables.

  • We relieve that pressure by deploying proven systems and frameworks, keeping the complexity and management overhead out of your sprints. Your team gets to focus on what they do best.

3 You don't run core regression tests

It's embarrassing when the simple defects start falling through the cracks. Defects that destroy the confidence people place in your agile team. Yet this repetitive regression testing work is difficult to complete reliably when the pressure is on.

  • We deal with the complexity of the test automation effort so that repetitive regression testing is reliable and consistent. This leaves you to focus on the new features and exploratory testing that your team excels in.

See how our “automation as a service" solution can help your Agile team:

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Test Automation as a Service

The beauty of our “test automation as a service" solution is that you don't have to worry about the nuts and bolts behind the scences. You feed test case specifications in and we push automated tests out. Everything in the middle we worry about for you.

How do we do this? Well, as leading specialists in the SmartBear range of products we employ systems and frameworks built on the following suite of tools…


These tools, coupled with our experience enable us to provide you with a hands off solution to automated testing.


Do I really need automated testing?

Don't forget that Agile DOES NOT prescribe automated testing as a must have! Agile prescribes “delivering working software". How you go about that is up to you. Sometimes it's better to enhance your manual testing before trying to master automation. Our free one-on-one consultation service will help you asses this.

Do you provide a free trial?

For most companies we like to provide a free Proof of Concept period where we set everything up and make sure we're a good fit. That initial free trial or proof of concept period usually lasts 2 weeks. Assuming, after our one-on-one consultation, we decide we're a good fit we'll advise you if you're eligible for a free Proof of Concept project.

How long is a typical engagement?

The minimum engagement is 3 months long. Maximum will run to several years. All we require is that you provide us with 1 months advance notification when you wish to cancel the service.

Can you help me implement a test automation process?

Yes! With our Implementation services we can help your Agile team implement their own test automation capability. We can provide consultancy services where we'll audit your current Agile test processes and help you implement an automation capability that's matched to the skills and resources available within your team. Contact us for more details.

Why do you recommend a one-to-one consultation first?

It's worth spending a bit of time (at our cost) working out if we're a good fit for you. There are instances where our 'test automation as a service' is not going to be a good fit or is not going to provide a solution to your requirements. A free one-on-one consultation session is the best place for both of us to start.

What does a free Proof of Concept Look like?

IF you qualify for a free proof of concept we'll run one of our automation environments, configure the systems, setup the frameworks and write an initial set of automated tests. All free of charge. Only if you qualify, and we think we're a good fit though!

Do I own the collateral?

Yes. At the end of the engagement we will provide you with all the source code and automated tests if you need them. Please bear in mind that to run the automated tests we've written you will either need to set up your own environment or we can hand our environment over to you (there may be continuing costs for tools and services required).

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