Migrating To Jira Test Management Tools


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TUE, OCT 15, 2019

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM BST


Few teams start with a blank sheet when they implement a Jira based test management tool. They're either importing from tools like Excel or migrating data from another ALM tool.

This migration process usually throws up more road blocks than people expect. Teams usually end up…..

  • Wasting large amounts of time getting people on board
  • Bogged down with the complexity of data migration
  • Struggling to work out ways to do things in the new tool

You may think the cost of the software is expensive. Actually it's quite the opposite….

“Software is cheap – Time is expensive"

If you want to reduce the amount of time you spend on your migration you'll want to join this webinar. Reply to this email and I'll send you an invite for this webinar on Friday 18th.

In this webinar I will go through several tricks of the trade. Tricks of the trade that will save you lots of time and pain. We'll cover …

  • A. a little known set of data migration tools
  • B. how to import attachments using the Jira API
  • C. developing migration check lists and run scripts

Whilst this will be quite a tech'ie look at data migration I'm also going to touch on some of the more 'fluffy' aspects. Aspects like user adoption and clarity of objectives.

If you have data to migrate I can guarantee that this will be 45 minutes well invested. This webinar will pay you back many times over as you embark on your migration.


This session will be hosted by Bill Echlin. Bill, a specialist in the QA test automation domain, will walk you through some key approaches and techniques to help you scale your automated testing efforts.