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Your team want to see results. They want to see the automated tests you're writing find bugs. They want to see the effort you put in improve product quality. The responsibility is on you to work out how to apply automation and deliver those results.

You've probably written your first batch of automated tests. With that the enormity of just how complex this can be is hitting you. It's not that TestComplete is anymore complicated than any other tool. It's just that applying automation to your application is more difficult than you thought it would be.

You've either realised that record and play back doesn't get you very far. Or you've realised that your library of automated tests is starting to look like a bowl of Spaghetti. Either way you're starting to feel overwhelmed. You're thinking it ought to be easier than this!

Getting started with the first few tests was easy. You got that initial bit of momentum going. Then, the number of tests grow, your application changes, test environments change, etc etc. The approach you've started with just isn't going to cut it.

You've started thinking there has to be a better way to do this!

You start thinking about building a framework. That must be the answer. You've never built a framework in your life but you figure you need one. Everyone seems to talk about frameworks. That must be the solution. That's the silver bullet!

It's just that you've no idea where to start.

Why do you need 'Advanced' training?

You'll build something you're confident rolling out to other members of your team

You'll find it faster to add new tests and easier to maintain existing tests

You'll create a system that can be plugged into to a CI/CD system with ease

You'll make keeping up with the development team and product releases easier on your self

You'll find your tests become more reliable and the results you provide to your team more consistent.

You'll see a far higher return on your investment

The problem is, you need to know the best way to build that framework. And for that you need to understand not only what's involved with building a framework but also how these three concepts fit together…



A part or element of a larger whole, especially a part of a machine or vehicle.


The complex or carefully designed structure of something. The conceptual structure and logical organisation of a computer or computer-based system.


An essential supporting structure of a building, vehicle or object. A basic structure underlying a system, concept or text.

Understanding how these aspects relate and interact is key.
Key to your success!


Why is this important? The secret to building your framework is starting with a proven approach that works. An approach that addresses not only the framework but the architecture and components too.

The framework is the structure that gives everything shape and form. Components are the elements you need in order to build the overall system. The architecture is how everything slots together to produce a working system.

We can show you how all this fit together with a proven framework that will deliver results. Join our next TestComplete advanced training course to find out how….

5 Day Advanced
Framework Training

  • 5 days of live, engaing and interactive TestComplete training designed to show you how to implement 'coded' automation frameworks.
  • Free prerequisite Python and/or Java Script recorded training sessions to make sure you have the skills needed to build 'coded' frameworks.
  • Free Git source code control recorded training sessions to ensure that you follow best practice in developing your automation code.
  • Our “Enterprise grade" coded framework included free of charge. Use the same framework our automation engineer deploy when we implement TestComplete./span>
  • Support and mentoring provided over an intensive 5 day period of TestComplete training designed around real life implementations of TestComplete.

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How You Can Build A TestComplete Keyword Framework In Just 5 Days!


Focus: The building blocks of a scalable/maintainable automation framework and how those building blocks fit together.

– Reusable Modules
– Common Functions
– Drivers


Focus: Grasping the fundamentals of scripting, becoming familiar with the terminology and the basics of programming within TestComplete.

– Objects
– Properties and Methods
– Functions and Modules


Focus: The page object model and defining reusable modules to interact with pages within the application under test.

– Page Object Model
– Structured Test Format
– Multi Level Validation


Focus: Looking at some of the key principals of a good architecture that supports ease of maintenance, data scalability and test case independence.

– Maintenance
– Scalability
– Independence


Focus: A look at the types of frameworks, their advantages/disadvantages and when/where they should be used.

– Test Script Modularity
– Test Library
– Data and Keyword Driven

From your instructor...

Hi there!

Are you looking to implement an effective automated testing solution? Perhaps you've already started out with TestComplete? Maybe even written quite a few Keyword tests? You've had some success but now you're at the stage where you're starting to feel a bit out of your depth.

I have a passion for implementing test automation solutions. I've worked with global trading companies and teams that are spread from South Korea to Canada through to the USA and the UK. Helping these companies deliver effective automated testing solutions.

Like you I started out with test automation, writing those first few tests. Then quickly discovered that this is a more complex domain than I realised. Just understanding how the tools worked wasn't cutting it. I discovered that there's this whole domain of architecture and design that's absolutely critical.

I spent years diving deep into various frameworks. Looking at what worked and what didn't work. Trying to find the right balance between complexity and usability. Trying to find ways to implement frameworks that was easy for people to understand yet provided the flexibility to deliver results.

I've done the time in the trenches as a tester myself. I understand how difficult these things are to implement in the real world. What I have now though, is a set of tools, techniques and systems that I can give to you.

It's more than just teaching you how to use the automation tools. It's about teaching you how to implement these tools in the real world.

It's about teaching implementation techniques and proven frameworks.

I'd love the opportunity to teach you too.

Increase Test Development Speed and Scale Your Automated Tests With Ease

Implement your own TestComplete Frameworks

Some Frequently Asked Questions ....

What do I need BEFORE we start?

You will need your own licenced instance of TestComplete running on your own Laptop or PC (we can NOT provide TestComplete licences)

How much time will I need to allocate to this each day?

Each daily module takes between 2 and 3 hours. Each day you'll need to also spend about 1 hour going through the exercises and practical examples. So in total this will take up about 20 hours of your time over a period of 5 days.

What is the charge for this?

We can either provide this as a dedicated course for your company/team or you can join one of our regular public courses. Please enquire to find out more about how this package is structured and what the costs are.

Do you provide support Implementing a Framework on our application(s)?

Bespoke support for your applications is not provided during the course. We use some demo applications to teach you the skills over the 5 days. However, we can provide mentoring and consultancy services in addition to this training. Please enquire for more details.