Living documentation and executable specifications for BDD based projects. Simplify the creation, reuse and maintenance of BDD specifications. Integrate with BDD based tools like Cucumber, Specflow, TestComplete and many more.

Create living documentation that builds end-to-end collaboration from defining acceptance criteria to driving your automated tests.

Collaborate and Define

An easy to use BDD specification platform that helps you define your business requirements, refine your design and implement automated tests. The Hiptest platform gives you the ability implement BDD in your environment and gives you the power to unite your business analysts, developers and testers.

Start defining your acceptance criteria using the BDD approach to developing and sharing documentation that everyone in your agile project can understand. It’s easier than you think!

Define Features and Scenarios

HipTest links from the start right through to the end of your software development process. It acts as the thread flowing all the way through from defining acceptance criteria to running your automated tests. And once in place acts as living documentation that anyone in your team can refer to at any point.

Easy to Write, Organise and Manage

Upfront creation of acceptance criteria agreed by the key players develops that shared understanding that BDD has proved so adept at. Hiptest helps you build, organise and manage the acceptance criteria in a machine readable format that can be processed by automation tools (like TestComplete).

Actionable Insight

Link tests back to specifications so that you can see where you need to focus design and development work. Everything linked neatly to give you the visibility you need to direct and drive your agile project. Everything linked so that you have the data and insight you need to make the right decisions for your project.

Acceptance Criteria through to Actionable Insight

Define your acceptance criteria, convert to automated tests and learn from the executed test results. Pull everything together with one common approach that streamlines your workflow and drives collaboration with BDD.

The Scenario Editor - create and edit your scenarios Reusable Steps - reuse existing scenarios and avoid duplication Test Refactoring - update with ease and simplify maintenance
Test Runs - Create, assign and execute test runs Automate - Support for over 20 frameworks ensures support for your automation approach CI/CD Support - integrate with common CI and CD tools to deliver a continuous test capability
Living Documentation - Create and maintain natural language docs Feature History - track the history of changes from start to finish Product Status - see a list of features implemented within your application

Full support for the Gherkin syntax allows you to define product acceptance criteria and scenarios in natural language. Add to this the simplicity with which you can update and modify features directly from your code and you deliver the most straightforward approach available to bring BA’s, developers and testers together. Then generate your feature files for Cucumber, TestComplete and other BDD frameworks in order to drive your automated testing. All of this fed back to deliver test result traceability directly to your acceptance criteria.

Get Started with BDD.... Improve collaboration, drive automated tests and learn

Define Acceptance Criteria

Develop, modify and organise your scenarios with a simple editor that’s intelligent enough to help support you with step reuse. Auto suggestions help prevent duplication and allow smart updates to save time. Refactoring is simplified with visual drag and drop which aids re-organisation.

Build Automated Tests

Turn your executable specifications into automated tests and track test results. Support for over 20 frameworks and tools, including Cucumber, Specflow, Selenium, TestComplete and many more. Link into CI/CD pipelines to deliver a continuous test capability.

Learn from Results

Feed test results back into Hiptest to complete the feedback circle. From the development of the scenarios right through to test execution results Hiptest provides the traceability essential to today’s agile projects.

Integration to Improve Communication

Specification, development and test tools can’t live in isolation in an Agile world. HipTest comes with simple to configure integration features that give you connectivity to …

Jira – for traceability between issues and scenarios

Trello – to help track the design of your tests with Trello boards and cards

Slack – to enhance team communication and collaboration during the development and execution phases

What Is Hiptest Exactly?

Well you know those old cumbersome test management tools where you felt like you had to write and maintain the equivalent of War and Peace? Well it’s not that!

Hiptest is a lightweight cloud based test management tool that helps teams deliver higher quality software that’s aligned with the end users real needs. It’s an environment for specifying, designing, executing and refactoring your test scenarios. It’s the unifying platform that allows end users, BA’s, developers and testers to collaborate by developing living documentation that defines the acceptance criteria for the software you’re all working on.

The aim with Hiptest is to move the responsibility for defining tests away from being totally tester focused. The aim is to spread the responsibility across the whole team. In this way everybody takes responsibility for ensuring the right features are being implemented and implemented to the right level of quality.

Hiptest promotes this approach by moving the focus towards acceptance criteria. Acceptance critera written in the Gherkin format that massively aids understanding across the different disciplines. Acceptance criteria that enables end users and BA’s to easily define what they want. Acceptance criteria that clearly defines the application logic the developers need to implement. Acceptance criteria that makes it easy for testers to construct the automated tests.

Hiptest enables this by making the whole acceptance criteria definition process more lightweight, more integrated and far easier to work with. With this everyone in the team can get involved. Everyone in the team can engage with one of the most critical parts of the software development process.

But it’s not just about getting everybody involved. It’s about getting everybody involved over the whole life cycle of the project. From start to finish. And that’s where Hiptest excels. It excels in pulling the team AND the end-to-end process together to enhance your agile software development project.