SpecFlow Training
and Implementation Packages

Training Courses Coupled With Implementation Support

Master SpecFlow test automation with practical hands on training and implementation support. The complete 3 stage, “Learn, Build and Scale" training package.

It's implementation and user adoption that counts!

Stage 1

Basic Training
Our free online basic training course designed to provide you with the foundations you'll need to become a skilled test automation engineer with SpecFlow.
  • 3 online modules
  • One module delivered every day
  • No previous test automation experience required.

Coming Jan 2023!

Stage 2

Advanced Training
Build SpecFlow frameworks from the ground up. We'll show you how to build a framework that delivers flexibility, scalability and maintainability. Everything you need to implement BDD based test automated for your projects.
  • Learn to code with Visual Studio
  • Understand C# concepts for automation
  • Enterprise grade coded framework included free
  • An approach designed to scale across your organisation
  • Supported with the building blocks for Continuous Testing

Stage 3

Implementation Blueprint
Implement our "enterprise grade" coded framework for your application. We'll build the framework for you against one of your applications. Help you avoid all the common pitfalls that testers normally run into. Then we'll make sure you have everything you need to create BDD based tests at speed.
  • Designed specifically for your application
  • Discovery Sessions for one of your applications
  • Framework build for one of your applications
  • First suite of automated tests created with you
  • Support to make sure you succeed with implementation

Integrated SpecFlow Training To Deliver Your Enterprise Grade Automation Solution

Test Automation with SpecFlow is one of the most popular approaches for test automation today. Our live, on-line or on-site, training sessions take you through all the features and capabilities that you'll need. We'll provide you with the skills and techniques to get you productive in the shortest time possible.

If you're serious about succeeding with test automation then implementation should be a critical consideration as part of your SpecFlow roll out. Our Implementation Blueprint supports your team from inception to production.

Our Implementation Blueprint bridges the gap between understanding SpecFlow and applying SpecFlow for your applications. We'll train you, build the framework for you and support you as you deploy SpecFlow in your projects.

“Training with a focus on Implementation and User Adoption!"