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Price Match + FREE Training

If you're looking to purchase TestComplete we can usually price match any other provider of TestComplete licences in the UK. Then we'll add to this with a free 'Intro' training package to make sure your team is setup to succeed with automated testing.

Depending on how many licences you're looking to purchase we'll provide you with the licences and deliver training for your team. If you're looking to buy just a few licences we'll be able to provide you with places on our monthly on-line live training sessions. If you're looking to purchase 5 or more licences we'll be able to provide you with free on-site live training. Check out the packages below and then contact us for full details.

Three Packages To Fit Your Needs

Chose from three training packages depending on how many licences you're buying.

1 to 4 Licences
Purchase between 1 and 4 new licences of TestComplete and we'll provide you with free access to our monthly live on-line training sessions.
  • Live on-line training
  • Full 'Intro' syllabus covered
  • 3 x 3 hour training sessions
  • Full set of course notes
  • Set of practical exercises
5 or more Licences
Purchase 5 or more new licences of TestComplete and we can provide you with an on-site live training session (all costs covered by us).
  • On-site with your team
  • Full 2 day 'Intro' course covered
  • Course notes provided
  • All expenses covered
  • Can be tailored to your needs
Maintenance Renewals
Renewing your maintenance subscription? Talk to us and we'll see if we can provide a training package that'll help you get more out of TestComplete.
  • Whilst maintenance renewals aren't strictly included in this offer we'd be happy to see if we can work something out for you.

Three Packages to Fit Your Needs

TestComplete is one of the most powerful test automation tools available. With this power comes a list of features and capabilities that will take time to master.

Our live training sessions take you through all the features and capabilities of TestComplete. We'll provide you with the skills and techniques to get you productive in the shortest time possible.

If you're serious about succeeding with test automation then training should be a critical part of your implementation.

Your Choice

When you start out with TestComplete you have a steep learning curve ahead of you. You can approach that learning curve in many ways….

You can flounder around in the dark just trying to get the hang of things. You can wade through hours of tedious online pre-recorded videos – you'll learn something with this but it's unlikely that you'll get lucky and set off down the right path.

Alternatively you can join one of our on-site or on-line interactive training courses that will get you up to speed with TestComplete fast.

Clearly the choice is yours, but for NO EXTRA COST you could opt to be trained by one of the most knowledgeable test automation engineers in the UK. You could opt to be trained by an instructor that's spent nearly 10 years honing his skills implementing TestComplete. An instructor that's built each training module around implementing automation against real world applications.

This has to be worth at least a quick call, right?