An Introduction to Testing with Jenkins


Course includes 5 Videos, Pdf worksheets and Emails with key tips.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What is Jenkins and How to Install Jenkins
  • Checking Test System Environment Before Starting Your Tests
  • Test Automation Execution based on App Version Updates
  • Re-running A Failed Automated Test Automatically With Jenkins
  • Running Data Driven Tests with the Matrix Project Plugin

Course overview

An Introduction to Testing with Jenkins

If you’re looking to implement any sort of test automation within a software development project you’ll want to find a way of automating your test execution and result capture process. We’re not talking about ‘automating your tests’ here. We’re talking about automating the processes around the control and execution part of the process. More specifically it’s the process of Automating your testing using Jenkins.

Automating the processes, to provide a continuous testing capability, allows you to operate hands free (so to speak). It allows you to hand off all the complexity of the execution triggers, overseeing the execution and collating all the results. This capability is just as important as building out a good automation framework.