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Automated Testing with Jenkins

Looking to setup a continuous test process using Jenkins? Need to learn more about how Jenkins works so that you can run your testing on auto-pilot? Jenkins has the capability to revolutionise your test process.
In these 5 free training modules we'll get you up and running with Jenkins. We'll show you tips and tricks for implementing Jenkins fast. We'll show you the short cuts so that you don't waste time. We give you solutions that are proven to work in real life.
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What you'll learn:

  • What is Jenkins and How to Install Jenkins
  • Checking Test System Environment Before Starting Your Tests
  • Test Automation Execution based on App Version Updates
  • Re-running A Failed Automated Test Automatically With Jenkins
  • Running Data Driven Tests with the Matrix Project Plugin

Fast Start TestComplete

A Fast Start course looking at TestComplete over 12 lessons. We take the novice user of TestComplete through all the basics to get them productive in the shortest time possible. We start out with topics looking at the user interface and the basic concepts. We work through all the important aspects of TestComplete including managing projects, check points and test logging. Crucially we’ll explain in detail the concepts of objects, properties and methods so that you can understand how best to apply TestComplete to your projects. In short this course will take you from novice to productive test automation engineer with one of the leading test automation tools in the market.

Each module is designed to take no more than 30 minutes to complete. In fact I’ve specifically kept every video to about 15 minutes. There’s a lot packed into each video though. The key learning points accompanying the video will take no longer than 10 minutes to scan. You might have to watch each video a couple of times but, spend just 30 minutes each day for two weeks and you’ll have mastered the basics of TestComplete.

What you'll learn:

  • Getting Started and Key Components
  • User Interface
  • Creating our first test
  • Projects and Project Suites
  • Keyword Testing
  • Objects and Methods
  • Options and Settings
  • Managing Projects
  • Name Mapping
  • Test Logging
  • Checkpoints and stores
  • Debugging

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