Building The Test Automation Framework


What You’ll Learn

  • Amazon Web Services: the platform we’ll use for building out our windows and unix test automation environment.
  • Jenkins: the continuous integration tool we’ll use to build the application under test and trigger all our automated test actions.
  • Selenium: the test automation tool we’ll use to run our GUI browser based automation tests.
  • SoapUI: the test automation tool we’ll use to run our API based automation tests.
  • JMeter: the load test tool we’ll use to asses the performance of the application under test.
  • Git: the source code tool we’ll be managing and retrieving the source for our application from.

Course overview

Building The Test Automation Framework


Welcome to Building the Test Automation Framework. A 6 part course that takes you step by step through the process of building a test automation framework. A test automation framework we’ll build completely from open source tools. Each of the 6 modules is a short course in it’s own right. Each module covering tools like; Amazon Web Services, Jenkins, Selenium, Git, SoapUI and JMeter.