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An Introduction to Testing with Jenkins

September 5, 2019
What You’ll Learn: What is Jenkins and How to Install Jenkins Checking Test System Environment Before Starting Your Tests Test Automation Execution based on App Version Updates Re-running A Failed Automated Test Automatically With Jenkins Running Data Driven Tests with the Matrix Project Plugin

Jira Basics

July 10, 2019
What You’ll Learn Module 1: Issues and what issues are. Module 2: Projects. Module 3: Labels & priorities. Module 4: Workflow & Status. Module 5: Versions & Components. Module 6: Dashboards and Reports. Module 7: Searching and JQL.

The Seven Complexities of Test Management

April 4, 2019 seven complexities
In this ecourse, you’ll learn about: Assignment of Test Cases in Test Management Tools Version Control of Test Cases in Test Management Tools Using Test Case Parameters in Test Management Tools Test Management Libraries Aggregating Results with Test Management Tools Identifying Retests with Test Management Tools Tracking Configurations and Releases with Test Management Tools

Building The Test Automation Framework

April 2, 2019
What You’ll Learn Amazon Web Services: the platform we’ll use for building out our windows and unix test automation environment. Jenkins: the continuous integration tool we’ll use to build the application under test and trigger all our automated test actions. Selenium: the test automation tool we’ll use to run our GUI browser based automation tests. SoapUI: the test automation tool we’ll use to run our API based automation tests. JMeter: the load test tool we’ll use to asses the performance of the application under test. Git: the source code tool we’ll be managing and retrieving the source for our application from.

Subversion (SVN) Basics

Over the course of 5 modules we’ll cover the following topics: Core Components and Installing Visual SVN Server Setting Up the Tortoise SVN Client and SVN Import SVN Check out Managing Conflicts Tagging and Branching

Fast Start TestComplete

April 1, 2019 seven complexities
12 Modules  Over 12 Days Covering: Getting Started and Key Components User Interface Creating our first test Projects and Project Suites Keyword Testing Objects and Methods Options and Settings Managing Projects Name Mapping Test Logging Checkpoints and stores Debugging