TM-Mobile Overview

Mobile developers have just one chance to delight customers, or risk having their app deleted immediately. Nearly 80% of users reject apps that fail to work as expected on the first attempt.

This creates additional pressure for teams tasked with developing mobile apps. APIs providing access to legacy back end systems are the foundations of your mobile apps but present more layers of complexity to deal with. Legacy systems, that have been in use for decades, aren’t generally keen on revealing simple clean interfaces that mobile apps expect. Your users demand simple, practical access to your data and services, while you try to present a layer of abstraction through an API from complex back end business systems. That’s not usually an easy equation to solve.

So many aspects to consider. Not just front end, but device coverage, legacy system integration and performance. Yet a robust testing platform can easily take months to design and deploy. Can you really afford to allocate key resources to building and implementing the framework you really need to cover all these aspects of mobile development and testing?




A comprehensive suite of neatly integrated tools allows you to test every aspect of your mobile application and associated APIs. With the ability to test every part of your application, TM-Mobile is the key component in your mobile test strategy.



Built using industry leading open source tools and systems, TM-Mobile can come in at a fraction of the cost of building your own dedicated test platform in-house. Depending on your needs this is a solution that can be deployed using cloud services or your own in house set of devices. A solution giving you the flexibility you need for your mobile development projects.



An in-house mobile test platform can take months of planning to put together – TM-Mobile can be deployed in just days. This short lead time dramatically shortens your time to market and helps reduce implementation costs.



Gain granular insights into every aspect of your mobile app testing using the supplied test management and reporting tools. You can then better direct resources to address issues and failures before launch. Ultimately you get integrated visibility across test, defect and CI tools.



The TM-Mobile toolkit is already helping enterprise organisations streamline their mobile test and development processes. It’s already giving teams the visibility across the myriad of devices available to today’s users. It’s the fastest short cut to effective mobile testing that you’ll find. And it’s all based on a proven technology stack used by many leading mobile development teams.



The only way to really know if a solution is right for you is to run a proof of concept against your mobile applications. Let’s test drive the TM-Mobile platform against your mobile app and assess the suitability of this tool set. Let’s see how this can meet your development and test needs.



TM-Mobile offers an integrated, elegant, cost-effective solution to your mobile and API testing requirements. Deployed in days. Trained within days. Up, running, developing and executing tests fast.


Built with our extensive knowledge of the mobile device market, the TM-Mobile platform frees up test resources that would otherwise be diverted to specifying, building and managing your mobile test environment. Using the Amazon Web Service (AWS) platform as its backbone, the TM-Mobile suite is a fully featured test platform that allows your team to focus on writing and running automated mobile tests.

With deployment, configuration and implementation taking less than a week, you can reduce the usual automation platform development and deployment cycle by months.

TM-Mobile’s comprehensive suite of tools provides everything you need to test every facet of your mobile app. Gain complete control of your Appium and Calabash scripts using Git in the Cloud. See every detail of your test results by linking through to test management tools like TestRail. Trigger tests on demand using Jenkins. And integrate manual tests too.

The entire TM-Mobile test stack has been designed from the ground up to reduce testing costs. Rapid platform deployment allows you to bring tests on line faster and more effectively than ever before. The cloud based platform is billed according to the resources you use – so you never pay more than you need, keeping costs well below that of a similar set-up on site.


Choosing TM-Mobile for automated mobile app testing helps your developers deliver robust apps faster, and at lower cost than ever before:

  • AWS Cloud infrastructure means no additional capital expenditure on hardware or software.
  • A complete suite of integrated open source tools allows you to begin writing automated tests before coding even begins.
  • Deployment can be completed in days, freeing up time and resources for the actual development and writing of your mobile test cases.
  • If required we offer a complete management service – we configure, deploy and manage the TM-Mobile platform so your team can focus on coding and testing.

To learn more about TM-Mobile and how this platform will help improve the quality and reliability of your mobile apps, please contact us to arrange a demo.