Test Automation with Test Complete

TestComplete 8 is the automated test management tool for testers looking to increase efficiency and reduce the cost of their testing process. With an easy-to-use interface QA teams can implement an automation solution in minutes. And, In todays environment where time to market means everything, no QA team can afford to be without an automated test management solution that decreases execution time and reduces costs. From QA testers who need to increase the numbers of tests they are executing, to project managers facing rapid development schedules, TestComplete is the flexible solution that will deliver the results needed to help you deliver products on time and on budget.

Test Complete Features

5 Core Test Types: Supports functional, keyword-driven, load, data-driven and distributed test approaches. In addition TestComplete can be used to implement automated regression testing, unit testing and coverage testing.
TestExecute: Light-weight automation application that takes TestComplete scripts and gives you a simple Exe which can be used to execute tests on multiple client machines. Also gives you the capability to write tests on one windows platform and then run on different windows platforms without modifications. (Included with Enterprise edition of TestComplete).
Test Visualizer: Capture and record screen shots during recording and play back. Test Visualizer allows you to visualize your automated tests and see exactly what your tests are doing in a story board layout. Delivering the capability to compare actual screen shots to expected screen shots gives the tester the ability to quickly pin point real failures.
Advanced Reporting: Comprehensive logging and reporting which allows the tester to perform detailed analysis of results. Integration with test management tools like QA Complete gives the capability to bring together the reporting of automated and manual test management efforts.
Simple Test Authoring: Test Authoring environment that gives the tester the ability to easily create key word driven tests. Yet also delivers a scripting language that is powerful enough for even the most experienced test automation engineers.

To get more out of your testing resources and to reduce your overall project delivery time, take a look at what TestComplete can do for you. Users have the ability to create, manage, and run tests from any Windows, Web or Rich Client software, making it easy to quickly create and execute tests. Along with keyword testing, test visualizer and event handling TestComplete provides a feature set comparable to any other automation tool out there. Plus, TestComplete is available at a price that is significantly lower than many other automated test management tools. With support, professional services and training, the TestComplete solution delivers the complete automation test management package.

Test Complete 30 Day Trial

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Test Automation for the Web and Windows The web and windows test automation solution to help with the ever increasing demands to speed up the test cycle and increase regression test coverage. Sign up for a 30 day free Test Automation trial