Test Management isn’t just about writing and storing tests. It’s about linking all your test information into the bigger development picture.

QA Complete

Bring together all aspects of your test process and track the test life cycle with features like:

+ Link test cases to requirements and defects

+ Integrate with automation tools like QTP

+ Dashboards providing key test metrics

+ Sync with external defect tracking tools

Transform your test process and improve product quality with QA peer reviews and collaboration.


The most advanced collaboration and peer review tool on the market, giving testers and QA engineers the ability to start identifying issues earlier in the product development lifecycle.

+ Collaborate on and review documents

+ Reporting and metrics

+ Track Defects

+ Adhere to regulatory standards

Power and flexibility to develop and execute automated tests for web, windows and rich clients.

Test Complete

Supporting both record/play back and advanced test development with multiple scripting languages, Test Complete delivers for experienced and novice test automation engineers.

+ Visual test creation

+ Powerful script editor

+ Object browser

+ Http analysis + Load testing