We believe your test management process underpins everything else you do with software testing. With the right framework, tools and support you can implement an outstanding test process.

We've seldom seen standard processes pan out for companies. No two companies are the same. And you're not standard. Your test process should be custom designed for your QA team. That way you have the perfect framework to asses product quality.


We've been working as specialists in the the test management domain for over 20 years. We know the products, the pitfalls and the potential the right tools have to transform your test process. We understand the complexities associated with testing. Read the Equity Redstar case study and find out how we helped one of the largest personal lines syndicates at Lloyd's of London.


We're not out to just sell you software. We're an independent team of specialists that know Quality Center and other market leading tools inside out. With that experience we'll deliver you the solution that works. Not just software to download.

"It's refreshing dealing with someone who knows the product inside out and is not just out to make a sale. I appreciate that you haven't asked me about our budget, timeframe to buy, or any of that other sales stuff."
Tom Hood - QA Team Lead, ReachLocal

With our client list including companies like Betfair (online betting), Verizon (communications), Macmillan (publishing) and Ansys (computer driven simulation) we have a track record to be proud of.


On the surface the test process appears quite simple. A test, a product and a result. Simple. Then you add different versions of the product under test, different versions of tests, a team of testers and shifting requirements. The ability to manage this process soon becomes overwhelming. We've been there, seen it all and worked through it. We understand the complexities involved. If you'd like to understand Seven Core Complexities of Test Management read this one page pdf article.


Today, no tool sits in isolation. Test tools need to integrate with development tools. They need to integrate with defect tracking, build and change management tools. Everything is about making that release decision. A release decision that depends on seeing data from various tools within the organisation. Only with effective integration will you have the information you need to make the right release decisions. Let us show you how you can integrate Quality Center with tools like Jira.


Great test management systems don't just happen. They require good planning to limit the risks and maximize the returns. Rushing to implement the most popular system can result in having to live with systems that fail to deliver benefits. We can help you formulate a solid business case and identify key functional requirements. We'll make sure you implement the right foundations to deliver the anticipated benefits. If you're struggling to justify the cost and time required then maybe we can help you with the business case? Or download our white paper on "How to Write the Test Management Business Case".

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Traq Software supply the best Test Management systems available, including: Quality Center from HP, Silk Central Test Manager from Micro Focus and QAComplete from SmartBear Software.

We've got decades of experience with test management tools. We know the market. We know the products. We know what works, how it works and where it works best. And most importantly we know how to make it work for you.

Today, we invite you to join us for a live demo of HP's Quality Center. Sign up using the form above or call us in the UK on 0208 144 4211.