Jira to QC Live Web Demo

  1. The tool of choice for many development teams is often Jira. Yet the tool of choice for the test team is often Quality Center. What happens when both teams implement different solutions?
  2. With the right integration you have a powerful cross team solution. A solution where the development, project and test teams all get to use their tool of choice. Yet they all get cross team visibility of requirements, user stories, defects and other critcal project data.
  3. The benefits of close integration are clear. Testers get clear visibility of test traceability within Quality Center. Developers get visibility of defects in Jira that are raised by testers in Quality center. Collaboration utilising the best tools in the market.

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Traq Software specialise in implementing Test Management systems. We work with Quality Center from HP, Silk Central Test Manager from Micro Focus and QAComplete from SmartBear Software.

We have decades of experience with test management tools. We know the market. We know the products. We know what works, how it works and where it works best. And most importantly we know how to make it work for you.