The Seven Complexities of Test Management

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In this ecourse, you’ll learn about:

  • Assignment of Test Cases in Test Management Tools
  • Version Control of Test Cases in Test Management Tools
  • Using Test Case Parameters in Test Management Tools
  • Test Management Libraries
  • Aggregating Results with Test Management Tools
  • Identifying Retests with Test Management Tools
  • Tracking Configurations and Releases with Test Management Tools

Course overview

An Introduction to the Complexities of Test Management

Over seven lessons we’re going to take a look in detail at 7 complex aspects of test management. We’re going to look at how we can address these complexities with some of the common tools available today. In doing so we’ll explore some of the weaknesses and strengths of popular tools and see how best to set them up to overcome these issues. In short we’re looking to help guide you on the best way to implement your chosen test management tool so that it better supports your process.